I'm so lame I couldn't even think of a title for this entry. But I guess it does describe the kind of day that I had today.

I received a phone call that could...and have partly, changed my life.

And I couldn't be happier. But I'm leaving you with just that. All I'm asking for you guys to do is simply pray for me. It helps a LOT.

And I bet my cousin couldn't be either. She has THE iPod photo (30 GB, Baby!) in her hands. AND a new Nokia 6630... When we were installing iTunes in my laptop, there was this dialog box that asked sumn like " What would you like to name of your iPod? " (or sumn like that) and since she's a HUGE Harry Potter fan, we thought of a REALLY cool name. Crookshanks. (LOL)My Tita just got back from Japan since we'll be headin' to Bora altogether. I really can't wait for that. We're gonna be staying in this really (emphasis on really) cool place. GAH!

Pop says he just might consider getting a P910i, and we already agreed that IF he does we would be exchanging phones. But I love this phone. I remember when I saw it's box sitting on my bed I just couldn't believe it. My P900 (MAX) will be turning a year old on June 21. Could you believe I named my phone Max?

Alan's right. I'm deranged AND retarded. Jeez.