Tampons...check! Boardshorts...check! And my rack? DAMN!

It is no secret that I am not very gifted with those. But I'm proud to say... the fat which was intended to be up there, went back there. And I'm so proud of it. But I can never quote Jennifer Lopez saying that she could "serve coffee using her rear as a ledge". If I could though, I bet my boyfriend wouldn't hesitate marrying me right now.

I was kidding, baby.

ANYWAY..in approximately 8 hours, we will be heading to Paradise. I really should get some sleep. I slept at 7 AM today, got up at 12. But I can't. SO MUCH TO DO!
Work-out! Work-out! I hafta get those abs visible! (snorts)
And it's a good thing though that the Red Flag days are OVER! i just to bring extra tampons just in case. (Sigh) Thank God.

No matter how lethargic I was (like I always am, what's new...)I had to drag my ass out of bed. I had to get myself a suntan oil. I want to end the summer with a new, golden tan... Les'all say - BORA here I come!

And whenever I have, like, extra PHP20 I always make it a habit to buy the Inquirer. Sometimes I feel so dense. Like, the only world I know existing is my world. (No, it's not made of flowers and butterflies. More of like, wobbly, eerie creatures of the underworld). So whenever I want to fly back to this earth I tune in to CNN or The National Geographic or read the newspaper.

NO, wait...you're missing the whole point.
Where was I?

Yes, so I was staring at this window full of cigs. And there's something about Capri that always gets my attention. I've never liked smoking. And I don't have anything against smokers. I tried a few times, but only if I had problems (Like, this one whole week last year. Which started exactly on my 18th birthday). That was the last time. And back then whenever I'd hold a stick they'd laugh at me, saying that I didn't know how to do it properly. Whatever. So, there I was. Staring at that box of Capri. And all of a sudden...

Why don't you buy one?

What? I can't buy one! It's not me to have a cigarette butt stuck in between my lips.

It'll make you look cool. All you need is a little practice.

Shut up.

Tell me. Is this what I get for being an insomniac? Or is this the effect of being an only child? You end up talking to yourself in the mirror. Or...to yourself.

Wait a sec...
(Nods in disappointment) What difference does that make?
I need professional help.


  1. I was one of those people who used to laugh at you. Remember the time I saw you smoking at hub café? Hehe. Practice makes perfect. :D Damn I miss smoking

  2. a fellow insomniac checking in.. hehe. hi abbie! it's been a while. am back and blogging. hope all's well!

  3. (JAY) Yeah I think I do. Damn. I never want another butt in my mouth again. Except for....ick. Thinking of a hot guy's ass isn't as hot as it sounds. :D

    (RUSS) Well it is! So is my tan. Hehe. Hope yer doin' good,too. :) I hate being an insomniac.

  4. Abbie? Ahem! Hehe! Hey, thanks for greeting me. :D