When fresh meat isn't so good.

I hate froshies. BUT I'm not generalizing.

SOME (yes, SOME) froshie students in La Salle makes me feel so infuriated. Ionno. It's the sight of them walking like they own the road, laughing like there's no tomorrow and giving snares like they're HOT and we're NOT.

It's been like that every single year. Thing is, I remember perfectly the way I was back then. I wasn't like that, neither were my classmates ( I think...basta ako hindi talaga ganon )... but I remember having terrible ( make uber terrible ) fashion sense, thinking those 150 shirts and tanks from ***** were hot. Ick. Remembering MY froshie days makes me feel all barfy.

At least I wasn't a byotch. Some people were, though.

I remember back then when I had a bestfriend ( hey Terryh! ), we belonged to a group of...well, we were three then. Me, Terryh and Len. This girl from "another group" was suddenly...well, lessay the other girls pretty much didn't like the way she was acting or sumn, and so she ended up ALONE. She starts joining us in lunch, until she officially became a part of "our group"...for the simple plan of ruining us.

After school the two of us would hang-out together, and she'd also introduce me to a bunch of guyfriends she knew, who were kinda cute, I must admit. We became pretty much close...

She turned the whole class against me, including Terryh and Len. At some point she made me believe that they were all mad at me for no reason, but the truth is, she made up all these stories for me to be against them, and for me to be against them as well. WHICH made me believe that SHE IS THE ONLY FRIEND THAT I HAD.

When I invited her over to visit,I lost this lipgloss I got from Beauty Bar AND 500 bucks.

I kinda forgot how, but Len, Terryh and I patched up and we started, little by little, avoiding "her".

"She", (God forbid) was the WORSE friend that I've EVER had. Whenever there were pageants and those infamous pond's campus tours (and the like) she'd say, " Nobody else has the rights to join but Nina because she's so pretty " - she'd put me down indirectly. Leaving me with no choice but to think "yeah, she's right", and that I was a nobody and that I had to remain as insecure as I was when it came to Nina, who she worshipped. I myself couldn't deny the fact that she IS pretty. But because of "this girl" I was focused on the things that she had, which made me pity myself.

When Len and I shifted to Journalism, LIFE became MUCH better. I had BETTER FRIENDS, BETTER SUBJECTS... My professors rocked (not that the ones in PolSci didn't), and great things just came...and came...and came my way.

In short, I moved on. And I forgave her. There was no formal apology, but it was best to put things like that behind, even if she made my first days of college like I was living in hell.

BUT she tries to come back by constantly texting me, sending me messages in friendster begging me for a testimo, and when she keeps writing me one she always calls me her bestfriend. I hate it when people call me that - I mean, people who keep considering me as their bestfriend when in reality they're not even CLOSE to that. And to think of what she did...

Joana and Adrian have been together for about two years now, and I've been good friends with them, especially with Adrian, who became my friend even before he and Jo got together. We'd all greet each other in the hallway, make beso...

So "She", again...starts making up all these stories that made me look like a flirt to Jo, and made Jo look like an insecure biatch who thought I was stealing her boyfriend away from her. We were all into a "cold war",and next thing you know, "She" texts me messages asking me if Adrian had a chance with me because he wanted me THAT bad. And even worse - Andrew read it.

So I thought, the best way was to avoid both of them. Joana and I became classmates last summer, but I barely talk to her. I tried my best not to show that I was so uncomf'table being around her, knowing what she thinks of me and all. And I never spoke to Adrian again.

Before my "birth day" ended, I got this message from Joana apologizing, saying she wants to end "all this", and that it was ALL just a misunderstanding. Next thing you know, Adrian called me and cleared it all up.

I cried. Silly of me to, but I did. It was a mixture of hate, of pain, of hate, of hate, of hate. She pulled off a Britney on me. OOOPS, SHE ABSOF*CKINGLUTELY DID IT AGAIN - FOR THE NTH TIME.

When Brittany Murphy said that she never believed it whenever Supermodels tell their stories of Ugly Ducklings and Cinderellas, I thought maybe she was right. But then with all this experience, I guess it's what makes a model - it could be any of the two : What makes one is her dream of ALWAYS becoming one, or all the pain that she had to deal with.

So yeah. What makes a supermodel? Pain and dreams, my friend.

Not that I'm branding myself as one. But I know - that whatever career I'll be successful in, I'm sure going to prove all of the people who belittled me right from Day 1 wrong.

God knows how much I've been through. And I know you'll never understand what it's like.

I've gone too far from the subject. But just looking at them freshmen peepel makes me all reminiscy.

I hope I don't offend any froshie reading my blog, I don't intend to step on anyone's toes. I just don't like it when SOME of you send US this vibe that says :

Yeah right. Tss. Freshmen.


  1. hi abbie! you went to dlsu too? =) anyways. we had this prepare yourself for college talk and one of the speakers gave the best advice: never to act and dress like frosh. it helped. it worked. i wish you a good week!

  2. Thanks RUSS! :) mwaaah! hehe. Well, I'm in DLSU-D right now...in my senior year. :D

    I wish you a good week too! Mine's all shitty. I can tell.