When people laugh at you...

..laugh along.

Just a thought. It's the best way to kick them arseholes.

I'm so sick of being onion-skinned and all, of thinking too much of what people would think of me...yada yada.

It's time to let loose. Like I said, people just keep sticking things up my ass! It's my turn to stick something up theirs, ain't it?

And I quote Sharon on this!...



  1. sticking things up someone's ass sounds great! ha! (as if i don't do it on a daily basis.)

    oh yeah, when people laugh at you, slice them in half. a ninja sword i always handy, i tell you.


  2. (MIKE) YAAAAY! You're back!!!! Well, yeah...I think I'd enjoy doing that...FOR A CHANGE! I think I've learned a lot from these people already... :)

    It's good to have you back, man.

    Oh, and...probably sticking the ninja sword up their arses would be a better idea.