Yet…another very hilarious indecent proposal.

EXPLICIT CONTENT, EXPLICIT CONTENT... If you are below 18 I advice you not to read this post. Whatever.

Don't hate me people, but apart from the many indecent proposals that I have gotten from my friendster and hipstir accounts, I find this one rather....amazing!

I did not mean this in a good way, you perverts.

First of all, every guy who wants ta "take me home" (it's always through messages. Never in person. Thank God.) always has bad grammar. (God, please don't hate me for writing this post. I just couldn't help it.) What is it with me? So do I just attract men with bad grammar? Is that what this is all about?

Guys. First of all, if you're really interested in a girl...don't always assume she puts the E in Easy (??? Okay, whatever that means). Second, if you know you're bad in English...don't use it. This is a major turn-off. Besides, even if they were so good with words... Sorry. I just don't get turned-on by these...whatever you call them. I may be a pervert but luv...I won't go that far.

And I may be liberal...but that doesn't make me easy...or tacky.

And for chrissakes, I have a boyfriend, you dimwit! Can't you read my profile? Or is it because it was written in English? Reading this letter made me want to barf and laugh my ass off at the same time. I didn't know what would I want to do first.

If you want to know what I'm talking it is.

You hafta be near the bathroom door when you read this. Trust me. Here goes!

(dis is just a sexy joke, don act seriously, be open minded den it is nothing, all right? here we go.......)

hi abbie, i thk ur breast side got 35Es is it? let listen wat i wan 2 do on u, u r so beautiful n sexy. when i look at ur sexy n big breast n ur seductive ass, my cock suddenly bcome so hard, it's about 8cm. So, i m now playing my cock til shooting on the screen com. Thus, hope dat u giv me ur contact number n i'll come to fetch u, bring u 2 my home 2 hv a sex party. we can do it all over place u like n all kinds of matter u love, fuck u whole night stil can!! Oh baby, let me fuck ur pussy, push u hard deeply in2 u, let u scream highly, excited then fuck u exteremly!! push n push ur ass !!eat ur nipple if can n kiss all over ur body. finally, let me push u hard until pussy swallow whole cock! then suddenly shooting o the mel in2 ur ass, let u taste the extreme high. hope u can suck my cock n let me shooting in ur mouth, then must swallowed all. after heard my expression, do u do it by urself now? don like dat, ask me 2 give u de service on the spot, ok? let me know ur opinion,ok? keep in touch.........

An 8cm dingy. That's like, the saddest thing I've ever heard. Oh, you poor baby. Or is it because he's Vietnamese? Or, a poser maybe?

Okay, I don't really call this a fair fight, but... you can check out his profile. This guy is deranged, I tell ya. He has pictures of his dingy in it.

I know I said I lived in circa NOW, but that doesn't translate that I'd give in to things like this. Too bad I don't have a male's libido. If I were a despicable fag I might've said YES in a New York Minute. But even if I were a gay, I'd still dress like those faggots in SATC.

Sometimes I just couldn't help wondering...where do the male species get all that...(grunts) ENOUGH! ENOUGH, ABBIE.

I've seen enough **** for today. So if you're actually planning on showing me yours?



  1. What a jerk! LOL! 8cm?!? He's desperate. :))

  2. you're as demented as i am. seriously. and that's a good thing. and yeah, no need to be incognito anymore.


  3. (JAY) I know. 8 cm? DEYM! I was laughin' my ass off. I wanted to write him a message and say :
    Apparently, I'd be too flattered to do such a "gifted" child. Yes, he's one special child indeed.

    (MIKE) Haha! Well it's nice to know that. I know people would be like, 'Damn...a girl isn't supposed to be talking this way'...and I'd say...'F*ck em!' I'm so sick of thinking what they'd say about me. It's about time to walk around the subdivision in my underwear! LOL.

  4. Ew.. Thas disgusting.. And the grammar.. QUE HORROR! Blech. I wanna barf.

  5. (HONEY) hell yeah! I know. :( ick.