When your dream meets reality.....

" "White pumps or pink Chucks?" Abbie cheerfully asked the stylist’s opinion during the latter part of the shoot. As she slipped on her Chucks and tied a vibrant scarf over her head, Abbie exudes a style that is truly A-B-B-I-E. Her well sculpted abs truly make her a designer’s dream to dress and it is obvious with the ease with which she moves around during the shoot, that she has truly got the makings of a future model. Abbie shared that the main reason she joined the search was to prove herself to the people who judge her behind her back taking her over-friendliness the wrong way. Well, well, being picked to be part of the final 10, Abbie truly proved her detractors wrong."

It's finally out you guys! If you still haven't grabbed a copy, please do check out:

AND SIGN UP. And freakin' vote for me! (LOL)
So yeah, I was having dinner and I was like, calling my cousin 'coz she miscalled me for like, seven times. So when she picked up, she automatically told me that the August issue was out. I was hysterical! In a good way of course. Andrew got sorta pissed 'coz I was so maingay daw. I texted Jing, Camz, Yen, Saab and Sharon to tell them that it's out. I just got my copy today and I couldn't let go of that friggin' booklet.

Thank you, SEVENTEEN - for that lovely write-up! Wala nang mas tatagos pa sa sinabi nyo. (WINK)

I actually wanna say more, but... Andrew and I are goin' KARAOKE! (LOL) And I'm so excited because we're finally letting that inner diva... or...concert king and queen out in the open.

Put those friggin' MICE in good use! Click click click away to Seventeen.com.ph RIGHT NOW! And I said....

Right now, dude.


Like a virgin!

I watched MTV's most stylish videos and Madonna bagged the top spot with FROZEN.

(Ang weird diba, tapos yung title ng entry LIKE A VIRGIN?) Well I got to thinking about Madonna and her being a "legend".
I grew up listening to her as well (alongside Debbie Gibson, Stevie Wonder, Gloria Estefan, Cyndi Lauper to name a few). I remember singing Material Girl, La Isla Bonita, Cherish, True love (especially that!).

(background music destroys the mood)
SH*TMOTHERF*F*CKSH*T. I am so f*cking sick of hearing Tell me where it hurts or any other M.Y.M.P. song on the freakin' radio. Now don't get me wrong. I don't have anything against them, it's just that...well, I know. They are hap'nin. But I really just hate it when you can actually hear the same song over and over and over...well, unless it's a song that I really like.

Oh, and did you guys know that I just recovered from Flu? F*cking flu made me feel like I was dying. Like, the entire time I felt like I was dying already. I'm like, "MOOOOOOOOOOMMMY! COME HOME!". Poooor baby. And it's a fact that whenever I'm sick my brain just dies on me.What's new with that?

Oh, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Saab's new blog template! Love the new colors, Saab!

Anyways. I'm back to those days again, when there's absolutely nothing nice or exciting to talk about. (LOL)

I wanna see my seventeen pals again. Miss you guys! I'm really hoping that we all get to hang out after the shoot. More camwhore moments. August is comin' real fast, and I can't wait! Andrew's turning 18 too! Hi sweepea! (He's sitting right next to me)

I'm really trying my best to gain weight right now. Getting sick only made things worse for me.

All that I need is a matchstick box and I'll fit right in.


Hypnos is punishing me.

It's been eons since I last experienced tossing ang turning at 2 A.M.

I didn't know what was bothering me. If there really was something bothering me. Or maybe someone was thinking of me...how could I believe that crap?

Or maybe I had one too many bottles of soda.

Either that or the fact that Hypnos could just be punishing me. Maybe he wants a piece of my ass, and he's just so infuriated with the fact that he can't touch it. Nearly poke it (with his hands you perv).

That's what you get for having a great rear. Next thing you know, the Greek Gods are punishing you.

I'd really like to post a picture of it so you'd all nod in say-so.
But then...


Out of my league.

No, it's not that cheesy Stephen Speaks song.

Have you ever felt like you realized things a little too late? Like, when you wished you made your cliche list of "Things I want in a man",etc.?

Ah. Yes. Sometimes, you just couldn't help but think that. But then it's too late. Either you've already sunken, or there's just no one there to help you get out.
Think of it like when Clive Owen sunk in that "pool of oil" or sumn in Sin City - without Devon Aoki helping him out. Yes,sometimes I think that I AM in deep shit. Which explains why my brain IS full of shit.

And I bet you're already scratching your head.


And so it is.

I'm such a dork I actually couldn't come up with a title for this entry.

Anyways, today... well.
I'm starting a new diet. Finally, a new way of gaining weight.

So thanks to Ed, and Andrew...for helping me. I am now much less desperate because I know that after a month or so, all the fats gathering at my ass will now go in other parts of my body. Lucky for me though, my ass is still tight. Yes, I have a cellulite-free ass. I'd post a picture of it but that would've made me single again.

I just dropped by Saab's blog only to find out (actually I assumed) that the reason why she left blogging, was the fact that a lot of people hated her as well (for reasons I do not know, and could not imagine). Saab is such a nice girl. That's why I like her. Right Saab?

Speaking of Saab, August is like, fifteen days away! :D I can't wait! Aside from the fact that Seventeen's August ish will be out, it's Andrew's 18th birthday on the first of August! I wanna give him a pair of shoes but...people say it's jinx.

And I'm five minutes away from my Chemistry exam.

Dammit, I hate Chemistry.

Oh, and I am SO addicted to Multiply. I go online just to "fix" it or sumn. But I'm not totally done YET. Getting there! I just LOOOOVE pictures.
There I go blabbing gobbledygook again.

OH... and whatever you say, I will always be an ERAP supporter. And although I'm not really pro-GMA, I don't think throwing her out of the office is a good idea. So is this what we have to do every single time we feel like the President is suddenly betraying us? (like we're not really used to it) This is sick.

Wala lang. Everybody's reacting, I figured out I should,too.


Get a band!

No, it's not wrong grammar.

I've seen two blogs with this band,and since I signed up like, 2 months ago, I decided to get one. Mike has one.

Since I saw it's "premiere" on MTV I always thought it was cool.

So there.

Make poverty history, people! I'm also typing this entry about poverty offline. Will post it when not in haggard-haggardan mode.


When questions need not to be answered.

Sometimes, you just can’t help but end up asking a question with answers that are, lessay… obvious.

So obvious that you don’t even need to ask them anymore. It’s like, common knowledge or something. But then there will always be those classic quandaries like : Why do boys and girls speak two different languages? Why are we from different planets?

Or is that just me and my boyfriend?

Now don’t get me wrong, he IS a great guy…but, lately…our differences? They’re just so…out there. Whenever I wake up in the morning, it’s the first thought that comes to my head. I am again going to spend the whole day with him, and we just can’t avoid chewing each other’s head off.

Or maybe I’ve just become way too paranoid.

I swear, I’m uber-depressed lately. My lovelife, about my figure, about being so languid especially when it came to attending classes. I barely want to get out of bed.

Thing is, I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to gain weight already…the catch? I always seem to lose my appetite! It’s like, really weird! It kinda feels like my body is actually so sick of me pushing myself to eat like I haven’t eaten for a year everyday. And I just can’t see the results.

If only I had money I’d run to Dra. Vicky Belo and beg her to inject as much fat as she can in every part of my body just to get this over with.

But I don’t wanna be fat-fat, I just wanna have some fat in my body, I really am not digging the whole skin-bone thing. I mean, I’ve always loved my body, and I know I was always thin, but not THIS thin! I walk around the campus and I’m not comfortable in my own skin, and it sucks!

I’m so desperate that I’m actually losing my appetite to eat.

That’s just sad.


Pulling off shitty days like this.

It’s like catching a cold. You simply can’t avoid it. So what do I do to pick me up?

First, I run to the dorm. And yes, I am one of those people who really just don’t give a damn anymore when it’s shit day. People know me as Ms. Sunshine. But when Ms. Sunshine happens to step on shit, you know what it’s gonna be like.

And so the whole world sees me like this. I bump into friends and they notice.

So what makes me so sad sometimes?
You need not to guess. Everything’s going fine with me, and if there’s one department that always seems to be screwed up… Yes, blame it on the man.
Apparently, there’s still more space to be filled, more questions to be answered, and more shit to step on in this department.

Why is it that one part of your system always has to mess up and just ruin everything?

So where was I? Ah, yes. I run to the dorm where I can do two sets of things:

Drama option number one : I take out ALL my clothes, jump into bed and watch Sex and the City ‘til I fall asleep, and wake up to one of my dorm mates knocking on the door only to find out that I feel a whole lot better, or

Drama option number two : I can always rant in ways like punching and kicking the door and even throw hangers and almost empty body shop body butter containers at it; I can also cry, and send about 5-7 angry text messages to him; or lastly – type a blog entry offline while listening to WITH OR WITHOUT YOU by U2 in my portable media center in my boardshorts.

This time I went for that last option in number two.
I don’t feel very violent right now. But I’d really like to punch him in the face sometimes. Or kick his balls.

I’m sorry. I know I’ll regret saying this. But it’s how I feel right now. Kinda like…well, I really just don’t give a damn. I’m so good in expressing how I truly feel…whenever I write them down, that is. I suck at almost everything that has to be done orally. But then, I always give it my best.

Okay, that doesn’t sound right. And far from what I was talking about.
Aaaah. Shitty days. Here I am ranting about how bad this day has been not even thinking that there are far more worse problems to be thought about. Like…The politics in this country, the Government, and the Watergate Arroyo Scandal.

Okay, let’s not go there.


Out of utter incredulity.

I'm sorry if I sound so exagg, but I really just CANNOT believe that GELA LAUREL did our make-up for the Sara Black photo shoot.

GELA LAUREL. Whoa! She just happens to be Rajo Laurel's sister.

I promised myself when I have the money I'd go and get myself a little sumn sumn from The House of Laurel.

I'm starting to love Preview magazine A LOT. Ate Isha is on it, you can see her at the MTV Movie Awards page. She's our stylist.

Yeah, so I just dropped by to say that. I'm in my post-production class right now. (lol) I have an exam later and I didn't have the slightest idea. Oh what joy.
It gets me so hyped. And excited. Isn't it weird I'm excited about failing an exam?

I love cramming.


When you can't beat the bitches...

...join the bitches - But don't overdo it!

I'm sorry, I really don't have any intentions of... cussing and all. It's just that...when you get so pissed, you hafta change that goody-goody two shoes image into...the opposite.

I tend to do that when people have been stepping on my toes...especially when they do it consecutively in a day. Like, when girls just can't stop staring at me (in a really bad way), when I can sense that they're talking about me, AND MOST ESPECIALLY when they flirt with MY man.

At times I find myself acting bitchy. That's not really me. I don't want Seventeen thinking they picked the wrong girl. But sometimes, I just can't help it. When girls play with their hair and smile, trying to catch Andrew's attention, I try my VERY best to shoot them with my WORST stare. And then they stop.

It always works. Bitching around has never been this fun! At least I have my reasons. Y'all couldn't agree more. Right?

And besides, sometimes 'em bitches just need to have a little dose of their own medicine. Have a whiff of their own fart. A sip of their own urine.

Ew. What is wrong with me? That's disgusting.

Oh, and by the way...my brain just disfunctioned. I actually thought a primate was a crocodile.

Thanks Franco. I now know that primates are monkeys.

And that makes me smarter by half a point. I love you!


Methinks I look like a model.

A "Skeletal System" model.

DAMMIT! Can I get any thinnER??? Emphasis on that, please.

I hate it when I get this thin. And I couldn't blame it on anything else but SUMMER! That time I spent at home when all I did was hibernate and...and...channel surf, leaving me no time to get my arse out of bed and raid the fridge or sumn.

Everyone's been complaining about it.

STOP! I already know it, and saying it only makes me feel worse about myself.

Thanks Ban, for advising me on what to do to get my old figure back.Weird thing is, some people think I'm lucky to have this physique. But really,I don't want to be THIS thin. And everyone at the shoot just keeps saying "You're so tiny". Whether it's a compliment or sumn, I still don't like being this...small. But thanks Ate Trish, for making me feel good about it.


For the love of God, please help me out on this.


Culte Hindy.

For some reason, Hindy Tantoco's name was stuck in my head yesterday.

To be honest, the first time I saw her, there was no impact. Jenni Epperson always caught my eye in some way, but not Hindy.

BUT THEN... during our docu-field production class, we were brainstorming on what topic we were to discuss on this documentary we would be producing as a group. We came out with all sorts of ideas, until we all grew silent...and then I came up with an idea.

Sir Elvin Valerio has influenced me in SO many things, especially when it came to the West's influence in our culture.


"Pano kung gumawa tayo ng documentary tungkol sa mga taong mahihilig sa mga products ng states?..Yung tipong...dahil lang gawa sa states para sa kanila yun na yung...best product?"

Thankfully, all I got were positive reactions.

We were to film Louis Vuitton, Prada (and the like) stores in 6750 avenue and the ones in Greenbelt 4. We would also be focusing on people like Celine Lopez, Hindy Tantoco, the women behind Lily and Aranaz too, probably. AND how could I forget? Monique Lhuiller - Filipina women making a difference in the Fashion Industry - proving that Filipino products can kick ass as well.

Oh what joy.

But it doesn't actually mean that we shouldn't get ourselves a pair of Manolos or anything, but the fact that we filipinos can make a difference.

BY THE WAY, I've just finished reading The Da Vinci Code. It's given me nothing but goosebumps and oftentimes I'd read them laying down...many of it's pages gave me the same reaction. I'd sit down in shock. It took time to absorb all the new things I've been learning. Especially about the Holy Grail.

It's definitely a must-read.

I suggest you buy the illustrated version though. It could at least keep you from wanting to go out to the nearest Internet Cafe in the middle of the night.

Or, take it from me..... before you read the the book, look for the Last Supper, The Madonna of the rocks, The Inverted Pyramid on the net.

Da Vinci code changed my life...just as I predicted.


When people laugh at you...

..laugh along.

Just a thought. It's the best way to kick them arseholes.

I'm so sick of being onion-skinned and all, of thinking too much of what people would think of me...yada yada.

It's time to let loose. Like I said, people just keep sticking things up my ass! It's my turn to stick something up theirs, ain't it?

And I quote Sharon on this!...