And so it is.

I'm such a dork I actually couldn't come up with a title for this entry.

Anyways, today... well.
I'm starting a new diet. Finally, a new way of gaining weight.

So thanks to Ed, and Andrew...for helping me. I am now much less desperate because I know that after a month or so, all the fats gathering at my ass will now go in other parts of my body. Lucky for me though, my ass is still tight. Yes, I have a cellulite-free ass. I'd post a picture of it but that would've made me single again.

I just dropped by Saab's blog only to find out (actually I assumed) that the reason why she left blogging, was the fact that a lot of people hated her as well (for reasons I do not know, and could not imagine). Saab is such a nice girl. That's why I like her. Right Saab?

Speaking of Saab, August is like, fifteen days away! :D I can't wait! Aside from the fact that Seventeen's August ish will be out, it's Andrew's 18th birthday on the first of August! I wanna give him a pair of shoes but...people say it's jinx.

And I'm five minutes away from my Chemistry exam.

Dammit, I hate Chemistry.

Oh, and I am SO addicted to Multiply. I go online just to "fix" it or sumn. But I'm not totally done YET. Getting there! I just LOOOOVE pictures.
There I go blabbing gobbledygook again.

OH... and whatever you say, I will always be an ERAP supporter. And although I'm not really pro-GMA, I don't think throwing her out of the office is a good idea. So is this what we have to do every single time we feel like the President is suddenly betraying us? (like we're not really used to it) This is sick.

Wala lang. Everybody's reacting, I figured out I should,too.


  1. come on, you gotta be kidding me. chemistry rocks! balancing chemical equation is one of the best ways to fight boredom.

    i'm a dorkwad.

  2. So far the only thing I enjoyed in Chemistry is Scientific notations.

    I still prefer Physics.

    I'm a dork.