Culte Hindy.

For some reason, Hindy Tantoco's name was stuck in my head yesterday.

To be honest, the first time I saw her, there was no impact. Jenni Epperson always caught my eye in some way, but not Hindy.

BUT THEN... during our docu-field production class, we were brainstorming on what topic we were to discuss on this documentary we would be producing as a group. We came out with all sorts of ideas, until we all grew silent...and then I came up with an idea.

Sir Elvin Valerio has influenced me in SO many things, especially when it came to the West's influence in our culture.


"Pano kung gumawa tayo ng documentary tungkol sa mga taong mahihilig sa mga products ng states?..Yung tipong...dahil lang gawa sa states para sa kanila yun na product?"

Thankfully, all I got were positive reactions.

We were to film Louis Vuitton, Prada (and the like) stores in 6750 avenue and the ones in Greenbelt 4. We would also be focusing on people like Celine Lopez, Hindy Tantoco, the women behind Lily and Aranaz too, probably. AND how could I forget? Monique Lhuiller - Filipina women making a difference in the Fashion Industry - proving that Filipino products can kick ass as well.

Oh what joy.

But it doesn't actually mean that we shouldn't get ourselves a pair of Manolos or anything, but the fact that we filipinos can make a difference.

BY THE WAY, I've just finished reading The Da Vinci Code. It's given me nothing but goosebumps and oftentimes I'd read them laying down...many of it's pages gave me the same reaction. I'd sit down in shock. It took time to absorb all the new things I've been learning. Especially about the Holy Grail.

It's definitely a must-read.

I suggest you buy the illustrated version though. It could at least keep you from wanting to go out to the nearest Internet Cafe in the middle of the night.

Or, take it from me..... before you read the the book, look for the Last Supper, The Madonna of the rocks, The Inverted Pyramid on the net.

Da Vinci code changed my life...just as I predicted.