Out of utter incredulity.

I'm sorry if I sound so exagg, but I really just CANNOT believe that GELA LAUREL did our make-up for the Sara Black photo shoot.

GELA LAUREL. Whoa! She just happens to be Rajo Laurel's sister.

I promised myself when I have the money I'd go and get myself a little sumn sumn from The House of Laurel.

I'm starting to love Preview magazine A LOT. Ate Isha is on it, you can see her at the MTV Movie Awards page. She's our stylist.

Yeah, so I just dropped by to say that. I'm in my post-production class right now. (lol) I have an exam later and I didn't have the slightest idea. Oh what joy.
It gets me so hyped. And excited. Isn't it weird I'm excited about failing an exam?

I love cramming.


  1. gela laurel.. familiar name.
    would you know if she went to zobel. i think there's a gela laurel there who's three higher than mine. hello abbie! happy weekend!

  2. Okay, I will! :) If I ever get to "work" with her again, I will. :)