When questions need not to be answered.

Sometimes, you just can’t help but end up asking a question with answers that are, lessay… obvious.

So obvious that you don’t even need to ask them anymore. It’s like, common knowledge or something. But then there will always be those classic quandaries like : Why do boys and girls speak two different languages? Why are we from different planets?

Or is that just me and my boyfriend?

Now don’t get me wrong, he IS a great guy…but, lately…our differences? They’re just so…out there. Whenever I wake up in the morning, it’s the first thought that comes to my head. I am again going to spend the whole day with him, and we just can’t avoid chewing each other’s head off.

Or maybe I’ve just become way too paranoid.

I swear, I’m uber-depressed lately. My lovelife, about my figure, about being so languid especially when it came to attending classes. I barely want to get out of bed.

Thing is, I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to gain weight already…the catch? I always seem to lose my appetite! It’s like, really weird! It kinda feels like my body is actually so sick of me pushing myself to eat like I haven’t eaten for a year everyday. And I just can’t see the results.

If only I had money I’d run to Dra. Vicky Belo and beg her to inject as much fat as she can in every part of my body just to get this over with.

But I don’t wanna be fat-fat, I just wanna have some fat in my body, I really am not digging the whole skin-bone thing. I mean, I’ve always loved my body, and I know I was always thin, but not THIS thin! I walk around the campus and I’m not comfortable in my own skin, and it sucks!

I’m so desperate that I’m actually losing my appetite to eat.

That’s just sad.


  1. gosh... you and i have the same problem about gaining weight! anyways, have you heard of the weight gainer from GNC?

  2. REAAAALY? What??? :) I'm checking out WEIGH PROTEIN from GNC. That it?? please please please tell me! :D

  3. yep... that's it, whey protein. :p im thinking of buying one. *wonder which flavor tastes good*

  4. haha! WHEY pala un. mah bad! :D anyways, yeah I wanna check it out,too. I'm taking it in Choclit. NO DOUBT! :)