When your dream meets reality.....

" "White pumps or pink Chucks?" Abbie cheerfully asked the stylist’s opinion during the latter part of the shoot. As she slipped on her Chucks and tied a vibrant scarf over her head, Abbie exudes a style that is truly A-B-B-I-E. Her well sculpted abs truly make her a designer’s dream to dress and it is obvious with the ease with which she moves around during the shoot, that she has truly got the makings of a future model. Abbie shared that the main reason she joined the search was to prove herself to the people who judge her behind her back taking her over-friendliness the wrong way. Well, well, being picked to be part of the final 10, Abbie truly proved her detractors wrong."

It's finally out you guys! If you still haven't grabbed a copy, please do check out:

AND SIGN UP. And freakin' vote for me! (LOL)
So yeah, I was having dinner and I was like, calling my cousin 'coz she miscalled me for like, seven times. So when she picked up, she automatically told me that the August issue was out. I was hysterical! In a good way of course. Andrew got sorta pissed 'coz I was so maingay daw. I texted Jing, Camz, Yen, Saab and Sharon to tell them that it's out. I just got my copy today and I couldn't let go of that friggin' booklet.

Thank you, SEVENTEEN - for that lovely write-up! Wala nang mas tatagos pa sa sinabi nyo. (WINK)

I actually wanna say more, but... Andrew and I are goin' KARAOKE! (LOL) And I'm so excited because we're finally letting that inner diva... or...concert king and queen out in the open.

Put those friggin' MICE in good use! Click click click away to Seventeen.com.ph RIGHT NOW! And I said....

Right now, dude.

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  1. yehey! i signed up already! grabe, cute cute ni abbiekins... :) proud of you bie!