Isha Andaya says we're models.

I remember this one time, during our second shoot, we were at Sara Black's studio and Isha called us models. Sharon was like, "Not yet!", and Isha replied with, "When you're in front of the camera, wearing all these clothes...then you're a model."
Isha is on Preview's latest issue again, by the way. I love Isha!

And so it is. We are models now, aren't we? Sure, we're no Nicollete Bell...or Raya Mananquil but...not everyone gets to be on Seventeen Magazine.


I wrote this super furious entry in my Multiply account. I have all this rage inside me that I couldn't help it. I decided to type it there nalang. Less controversial. I never liked so much attention. Besides, nothing good comes out of it.

I'm just so pissed at particular people that you could only imagine my anger. It's unbelievable the way things are turning out. Our college lives are being ruined. Even if you just sit there, even if you can't hear anything, you can feel something.

It's so pathetic. We're 19 for chrissake, not 14. I wish we could handle things in a more mature way.

AND WHAT IS IT ABOUT BOYS? Can't one girl be satisfied with what she has? Does she have to know all the cute guys in school, steal them and all that crap? Does she have to let every cute guy know she exists? Does she have to flip her hair to get their attention, or approach them or something? Sell them a ticket with a free picture?

I'm not angry. I'm just curious. People can be so nice in front of you. But then for no particular reason you can sense that something's not right. And they deny things. They can't accept the fact that they too, like me have committed a mistake.

Why is it so hard? Why is it so hard to admit that you made a mistake and that you're sorry? We're only humans. As Karl always says, "To err is human".

I did make a mistake. I am fully aware of that. And God knows that I felt sorry. But what I couldn't accept is that I admitted my fault, and you don't admit yours. You make everyone believe that you're the victim.

This is reality. This is US. This is our life. Not a koreanovela.

People can be so mean. People can treat you like you're a nobody. I went through all this for sometime. My Mom always told me not to step down to their level, to ignore them, to let them be since that's where they're happy. They like destroying people. They like to look at all the flaws and point it out to everybody.

My Mom did not bring me to this world to be treated this way. My Mom did not raise me for people to laugh at. I DO NOT DESERVE ALL THE BACKFIGHTING. GOSSIP. LIES. In the first place, YOU tell me FACE TO FACE what I did to you. And then I'll apologize.
But don't hate me for the way I laugh, dress, talk, walk and the friends I have.

People like you do not deserve attention. People like you do not deserve friends. People like you do not deserve the blessings. But God is that good. God is so good that he gives all these to people like you. You have to be thankful. You have to show HIM that you are thankful. DO NOT LOOK DOWN ON OTHER PEOPLE. YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS TO DO THAT. God has never looked down on me inspite of all the sins that I've done.

Patawarin ako ng Diyos sa mga sinasabi ko. But I'm just HURT.
Out of nowhere, bad people just pop up and do mean things. Kahit na tahimik lang sila. Nararamdaman mong may mali nang nangyayari.

I'm not just talking about one person. This is IN GENERAL.

College is NOT easy for me. Sure I have Andrew and all my friends. But being apart from my parents is just so hard. I just wish you people didn't make it harder for me.

There are so many issues in my life. And you have no idea. I'm not trying to look like a victim here. I don't always post like this. I'm just so weak right now.

I just wish you people didn't exist.


Here's a piece of MY brain - and self.

I'm giving you a few RANDOM things about me, for you to probably get to know me a bit...better. A few of the things I despise and love, few traits that I have, things that piss me off and make my day, my opinions... Yada-yada-yada. Here I am! Uncensored. (Thanks Mike, for the inspiration from your 100 things. Although I don't think I could go that far.)

1.) I am starting to develop this hate for cheap,disrespectful,strident gays. (especially those who are crushing over Andrew). I used to say that that's just how they are, but most of them just go overboard. So there.

2.) I hate it when people walk by me and start laughing. It's just so annoying.

3.) Girls who flip their hair like they're in a Sunsilk commercial or something. Girls: Just because it worked for Cameron Diaz does not mean it would look good on you.

4.) Jologs. I will forever despise them, especially guys. I'm sorry, but blame it on those experiences. Ick.

5.) Printed tops paired with printed skirts. The basic rule of fashion, my dear friends! I cannot believe I still see this faux pas on women.

6.) Teenybopper chicks in their twenties. One word: ICK. Face it. Your pa-cute days are over. Move on!

7.) English ng english, pero di marunong mag-english! Sure,speaking in a foreign language is cool. But TRYING so hard to? Walang nakakahiya sa pagtatagalog. Mas nakakahiya ang nag i-ingles, mali-mali naman! PILIPINO KA! P*TA!

8.) Uber-narrow minded people. Especially in terms of sex. I'm one green-minded person. But I mean that in terms of being open with sex jokes, and everything about sex. So stop saying "Eww!" or "Yuck!" when you hear a green joke. So not circa now.

9.) I am not Maria Clara, nor do I live in her era. So stop trying to make and see me as one.

10.) My imperfections make me perfect. That is, in my and Andrew's opinion. I don't have a huge rack, but if I did I would look hideous. I'm 5'2", but I'd look like a bamboo stick if I were 5'7". It goes with some girls. But then it wouldn't for me.

11.) Pa-pam-pam. They're everywhere. Especially when I'm with Andrew. May nalalaman pang pa-nguso nguso na pagturo sa mga kaibigan kay Andrew at hair-flipping, pag-ayos ng buhok sa likod ng tenga and all that crappy flirting methods. Sorry ha. Wa-epek eh. Ako lang nakakapansin, kaya lang babae ako kaya hindi ko kayo mapapatulan. Besides, sana maganda kayo para pansinin.

12.) Old friends who think I've changed because of this and that. I'm just busy. Even if you don't see me running around, my mind is just SO busy. Period.

13.) I DO have Carrie Bradshaw's gene. I may not be one helluva kick-ass writer like her, but I sure can run around in my stilettos. So shut up and don't say anything against it.

14.) OVER-JUDGMENTAL people. You have no right to say REALLY mean things to somebody unless sobrang sinira niya buhay mo.

15.) Mga tao na umasta na parang akala mo kung sino. Don't look down on me just because you have higher grades than I do. I may not excel in academics (even if my professors branded me as "one promising student" pero tamad lang sabi nila) like you do, but that certainly does not make you a better, smarter person than I am. So, you have no rights to look at me like I'm nobody. You have no rights to ignore me when I'm talking to you, and you definitely DO NOT have the rights to JUDGE ME AS A PERSON.

16.) I am a Tekken 5 Addict. I beat my boyfriend at it. Christie will ALWAYS be my girl.

17.) I will always be uber-close with my guyfriends. Enough said. I love ALL of them so much.

18.) Sobrang PDA. I appreciate that my boyfriend is so showy with how he feels about me. He always wants me THISCLOSE to him. Pero nakakairita yung mga jologs na sobrang mag PDA. I'm so mean, I'm sorry.

19.) I hate Dora's backpack. I'm sorry Chloie, I know you love Dora. At least I didn't say anything when you told me you liked Nicole Ritchie, right?

20.) Watching DUMBO still makes me cry. It's not being pa-tweetums.

21.) I will always love Paris Hilton. And I have Gail to thank for making me realize that Paris IS hot!

22.) I am not SO full of myself. it's a common misconception. People think I'm like, full of crap. But they really have no idea. When people judge you all the time, the only option you have is to FIGHT. Prove them wrong. Put yourself out there, show them who you REALLY are.

23.) I'm so tired of being nice -ALL THE TIME. Just because I stay silent even I see people pointing at me and laughing. Or even if I hear people talk about Andrew, and me being nobody but the "ugly girlfriend" (I've had witnesses) - I'm SO tired of it. So it's time for me to show them who they're really stepping on. People take you for granted if you're always nice. Whether they like it or not, whatever they call me - this is me.

24.) Joining Seventeen's Model Search totally changed my life. They totally made my dream come true. And God knows I will be forever thankful. The experience is just...inexplicable.

25.) I still sing along to the songs of The Sound of Music with my cousin. PLUS a few songs from The Wizard Of Oz.

26.) I am still hooked on Madonna. I mean, the woman is a legend. I will forever be blown away by her. Even if it's not really obvious or something.

27.) I memorize almost every line from my favorite SATC episodes. You don't even have to wonder how and WHY.

28.) I am a techie-freak. Blame it on my Pop.

29.) I think abs are sexy - and boxers. I go gaga over abs! AND killer smiles! (Like my crush) Heehee! Oh, hi Baby.

30.) I like it when Andrew pulls me UBERCLOSE to him. And kisses my head and hands out of nowhere. He's such a sweetie.

31.) I still cry over little things. First thing I do? I call my Mum.

32.) I have officially turned into a bookie. Not in the terms that I read schoolbooks. Next in list is Gabriel Garcia Marquez's latest novel. I'm just about to have a reservation at Powerbooks.

33.) I love impromptu road trips and sleep-outs with Andrew and my friends. I can be adventurous at times. Plus nothing beats being with Andrew and my crazy friends for two days straight.

34.) Doing everything with Andrew. Because that's what tightens our bond, not just as a couple, but as best friends. That's where we get to know each other better. The only thing we lack is to officially have a sport together. Unless Tong its counts as a sport.

35.) I will forever hate Andrew's immaturity. But I have to accept the fact that it will always be there until he turns 20. I have two more years to extremely extend my patience (wish me luck!).

36.) Pronounciation is a big deal to me. I get so pissed off when THE is pronounced as ZA or DZA. Some can be tolerated, but some are just...UGH. Nevermind.

37.) I will always gush over Mango, Topshop and Havaianas goodies. I don't have to explain why.

38.) When I'm in Laguna, I don't hang-out in Laguna. If I ever go out, it's always got to be in Alabang. Thank God we're like 20 minutes away. I don't have any friends who live near my place(which is sad), and all I see are... nevermind.

39.) I really wanna be a flight attendant - first class at Lufthansa. You can imagine my reaction while watching Gwyneth Paltrow in A view from the Top strut her stuff in Paris. But I would probably pursue this after I fulfill my childhood dream of becoming a model.

40.) I am a frustrated singer. Don't really like the "packaging" here though. Ew. However,I sang a couple of times in school (waaay back Kindergarten, my high-school days in IPSJ, and my college days in La Salle). Most of the time in the bathroom, and at Karaoke hub -with Andrew and my co-FP. Bad day? SING IT ALL OUT!

41.) I totally miss hanging out at Rockwell. But then there's Gateway now (Hi Honey!).

42.) I am currently drinking tons of vitamins and working-out about 5-6 days a week. I am that determined to get the body I've always dreamed of. Then I'll be so confident to strut my stuff in the beach again. Andrew inspired me to work-out again. Besides, seeing Jeniffer Lopez's pictures in her inlay card (in her latest CD, Rebirth) makes you want to sign up for a membership at Gold's gym.

43.) Anniversary celebrations are exciting. Because they're celebrated at special places. I get so kilig that I can't wait 'til our second.

44.) High-school reunions rock. Simply just does.

45.) Boracay IS heaven on earth. So as Jonah's shakes. MMM! I'm totally craving for that BananaChoco shake! There is no better place to spend your vacation on than Boracay. Especially when you stay at Friday's. (wink)

46.) Whenever I'm in Powerbooks, I read books about France. I find myself head over heels with this place. I think France is breathtaking. Even that is an understatement.

47.) Sir Valerio is my hero. I love this Professor, text-mate, savior and (a considered) bestfriend SO MUCH! He will always be one of my favorites. All of his students love him. He is THE ULTIMATE FILM GURU! And you gotta love the fashion sense!

48.) I can't wait 'til Gold's gym in Alabang opens. Because I will be a member when I finish school. It's the perfect time for that. You know, totally working out!

49.) I get starstruck. BIG TIME. I will never forget the time I got interviewed by Mia Fausto, Kat Dy and Tata Mapa. Having the chance to meet Sara Black, Toto Labrador, Bobbi Carlos, Effie Go, Barbi Chan AND Gela Laurel is like one of the many unforgettable experiences that I had from being a part of the Seventeen finalists. I can't deny that seeing other local artists as well, like Heart Evangelista, who I've seen for like, so many times can still leave me Starstruck.

50.) No matter how broke I am, I always make a way for me to grab Preview's latest ish. That includes other Summit magazines as well like Seventeen, Cosmo... (wink!)It's true though.

Okay. So there, 50 of it. I hope I didn't get anybody offended, this is just the way I see things. It's my blog anyway. What do you care?


This will probably have a part 2...3...4. I hope it made you KNOW me in a way. At least just how this busy brain works.


Some of the pieces just don't fit...anymore.

You know that feeling, when you try your best to pick everything up, glue them together... but then some pieces already lost the bits that could probably hold them all together, and that no matter how hard you try you just can NEVER put them back as a whole anymore...?

That's how I feel.

Everything that's surrounding me is broken. Broken lives, broken friendships, broken spirits...

Yeah, as cheesy as it sounds. That's reality.

And it's so friggin' hard not to be affected with the way things are, especially when your friends are involved in it.


Choel is FINE, thank God. Andrew went with me to St. Lukes last Wednesday to visit Cho. It feels good to see two of the MEN you love meet and talk and joke around with each other (yeah, Choel had the strength to joke).

It was also our first time at Gateway (Honey would be so happy to hear this, that I finally know how to get there).

So much happened...But I really want to thank HONEY and SAAB - for being there when I was so depressed about Choel's situation. (Saab- bigla kayong nawala ni Essy kanina ha. Hmp.)

And of course, thanking ANDREW would definitely be a given. FRANCE, CHIEZ AND FROSHIE as well. Thanks you guys.

Okay, gots ta get ready for church. Will rant later.


When life hits you in the head...

...with an axe, it just... Okay, maybe not. But something like that.

Choel is in St. Luke's operating room as I type this entry. I did not get much of the 411. All I know is that my bestfriend was stabbed 5 TIMES - in his chest. I didn't know how I was supposed to react. I mean, yeah I know he's stable, but still under observation. But then it's a lot better know. Right?

But I still CANNOT imagine someone I've known for so long to experience this. Choel and I are so close that right up to this minute, I'm still trying to absorb the fact that one of the closest people to me is in an operating room. That someone tried to take him away from me.

It's terrible. I'm facing too much right now, and this doesn't just mean Choel. There are other things as well. As heavy as this.

Funny, we just came from our retreat yesterday. I had less worries then. But then they were replaced with new ones.

Life, has again kicked me in the balls. Yeah, you get it.

I guess I just cannot be in any worse situation than this.

You have NO idea.


For the love of my kikay kit.

A bag is not a bag without a kikay kit. Or…that could just be me.

The only time I take it off my bag is whenever I’m about to have dinner. For simple reasons like… I barely spend three hours outside, I take jeepney rides, and there really is NO need to re-touch or whatsoever.

I’ve always liked whenever one of my favorite magazines feature things like celeb’s kikay kits and their beauty arsenals and sh*t.

And so, I’m doing a feature on MY kikay kit. It’s about time!

I got this on sale at Mango, just before I literally ran to hail a cabbie to Sara Black’s studio for our second shoot. Could you believe I just got this for P500?

L-R : My first Juicy Tubes ( I barely use it on schooldays because it has color ), My everyday juicy lippie, My nth M.A.C. lipglass

Maybelline blush (if I feel like having pink cheeks), Maybelline liquid eyeshadow (because green rocks!), and The Body Shop concealer

Open the second zipper, and you see THIS!

Other lippies : A Chanel lipstick my Mom gave me (everyone compliments me when I use it), Maybelline Diamond shine, Carmex lip balm (my dorm mate Upper gave it to me just last night), Body Shop lip balm, Estee Lauder lipstick

The Body Shop loose powder and brush, Maybelline great lash mascara, Shu Uemura eyelash curler, Origins pinch your cheeks (if I want to go for that Au Naturelle look)

A kikay kit is so not complete without a tweezer, a small bottle of your favorite perfume ( in my case, my almost empty Escada Rockin’ Rio), a nailcutter, and CLEAN q-tips to fix those mascara booboos.

SO. There you have it. There's just one part of my kikay kit not shown because I forgot to edit the picture. You know, make it smaller. Will upload it next time. It's like,this proof that I really AM a lip junkie.

I wanna add sumn new to my paraphernalia, DuWop's Lip Venom. I tested it last Sunday, and I really liked it! And Cinema Secrets' Concealer. I'm starting to fall for DuWop goodies. Mmm. And MOR. hihi.


Thou shall not fear.

When I was younger, I used to be so scared of people who talk too much, or say too much. Too much sh*t.

I was so scared of bumping into them, or being acquainted with them or something, fearing that they'd just want to say something bad about me.

I used to be so intimiditated with them that I thought so highly of them.

But then things change.

Lately? I realized that all these shitty, bossy, intimidating people are just like their words...shit.

And so.. I decided that ALL these people (a lot in this school) just hafta be ignored. Because I just know...that whatever they say against me, or whenever they criticize me... holding my head up high should be my ONLY option.

Besides, what do I get for paying attention with insecure losers like them?
Weep! Just weep you schupid pathetic woosers!

God knows why I'm saying this. May HE just bless ALL of you. I just wish that someday, you'd DISCOVER a new way of making your life meaningful, and may you use more than, like... 1/4 of your brain on something more useful than destroying people's lives (and days).

*Sigh*. People can get so cranky I wanna kick them in the balls. Or wherever.


"Puro beauty, wala namang brains."

For some reason, this phrase keeps "playing" in my head. Thanks to my very wise Professor who without second thought mentioned the TOP 5 highest and lowest students in our section to the other section.

Didya even get it?

I was in the Top 5 LOWEST for crying out loud. He didn't HAVE to say it to any of us. Thing is, I KNOW that some students in THAT class would DEFINITELY be like..."Ew, pa-model model pa, bobo naman."

Before you even think of judging me as that, I have an explanation.
I enrolled in his class 2 weeks late, because I was on hold for adding/dropping subjects. He only explained the overview of the book we were using, and decided to let us read the rest of Chapters 1 and 2 all by ourselves without even explaining it.

I probably have my obligations as a student, but he also had his obligations as a Professor.

ANYWAYS. So if you were wondering if there was anything else good happening in my life lately? Yes there is.

My classmates and I went to Makati yesterday for this research thingymajig we had to do for a major subject. We went to PCIJ (Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism)inQ.C., then we went back to Makati where we ate at Tokyo Tokyo in Rockwell (Thank God, after eons of not being in Rockwell), went to the wrong Ateneo school (it turned out to be the Ateneo Professional School), got back to the Space Shuttle (what we call Anton's ride), went back to Glorietta, and into Greenbelt, where four of them (Sky, Franco, Peeps and Juno) decided to go to CMFR (Ateneo's Center for Media), and the rest headed to Glorietta 4 ... to Timezone! Oh, did I forget to say that Andrew was with me? Yeah. He skipped like, two major and one minor class for me( I LOVE YOU! ). I beat him at Tekken 5 (LOL!)

So yeah, we found a new way to kill time at ATC on Sundays.

Oh and...super laos talaga kami ni Andrew, who's just about to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory today. We were supposed to last Sunday but then...long story.

Oh, and talk about Star Spotting! I saw Mariel Rodriguez, Lani Mercado, Alwyn Uytingco (did I spell his family name right? and his girlfriend), Miriam Quiambao (or is it just a look-a-like?) this week.

Cool. Mariel Rodriguez is my favorite VJ (next to Donita, Sarah and Belinda) - she definitely rocks.

And I quote my highschool professor : "ARE YOU AGREE?"



I haven't been feeling well lately. Weird.

Okay, so I came here just to say that.


Oh, and I wanna say that I'm starting to hate Friendster. And my laptop. I'll be uploading more Seventeen pictures on my Multiply account when the friggin' laptop's working again. Not that it isn't, just that... I think I'm in dire need of a new laptop.

Fudge darn it.


Te-ki-ro! Te-ki-ro!

My classmates were chanting this yesterday right after my Communication Research Professor took her jacket off. My classmates are deranged like that. And speaking of classmates, I SKIPPED another major today! Boohoo! (LOL!)

SO. About the other day (wipes sweat), shopping has never been this CHALLENGING! But then from that experience, I learned a LOT. Like, SM is the place for cheap, and great finds! Like, these white bermuda shorts for... 350? Whoa! So, you guys should watch out for the October issue as well. You should see it para naman makita niyo yung pinaghirapan naming lahat! Just don't laugh at my outfit though, I really like it.

So I got to Glorietta about an hour earlier than the call time. So I walked around, got sumn to eat at Starbucks and Sharon met me there. Then we ran to A/X because Shar said they were waiting for us there, and then we saw Essy, Cham and Jing. Yen came next. And then we all headed to SM makati, hung-out at McDo while Shar was looking for a place for us to settle (and do make-up).

Sharon, Yen and I ended up spending most of the time together checking out the goodies (the cheapest goodies). But then at the end, Sharon somehow got "lost", we couldn't seem to find her, so Yen and I headed to the fitting room at the third floor.

The weirdest thing that happened was... even if I was in the middle of a department store with all the shoppers staring at me, I just didn't care of what they said anymore. I even heard someone shout "PANGIT!" if I'm not mistaken. But I held my head high, smiled, and posed for the camera.

I felt so naked, but not physically. I meant like I was baring myself in front of the whole world, flaws and all. And I just didn't care if they didn't like it. As for me, I was just having the time of my life. This is my dream, and I'm living it. So why care what people say? Right? (For the first time in my life, I truly felt this, so...congratulate me! LOL!)

After the shoot, which was helluva LOT of fun especially with Saab and Sharon goofing around, we ate at Shakey's. Sad though, Claude and Yen had to leave early. So it was just the seven of us, and it just felt so good that we were all there as friends, not competitors. Just talking, gossiping. It felt so good to have known people like them. But as what Sharon shared, it's just lonely that they're actually making us compete against each other.

And one of the things that makes me even happier? Is Andrew voting for me.


There's actually so much to share but...I'll save it for next time. We're about to watch the Machinist. I've seen IF ONLY on Debede last night and cried like a freakin' newborn baby. We'll be watching Charlie tomorrow. Saab says it's one helluva funny movie, and I quote, "You'll laugh no matter how old you are". SO there.

Saab, upload pictures in your multiply already! I can't wait! I'll upload mine soon.
I just can't wait to hang out with all of them again. And I miss Yenny already!

Oh, and...Andrew and I went shopping today. I got him a few stuff. Yun na yung birthday gift ko. (LOL!)
He says I look ugly daw dun sa photo of all of us together! *sniff*...Baby you're such a meanie!

panget!! - see, he typed that. YOU MEANIE! YOU ARSEHOLE!
joke lang :) - sabay bawi.

Oh whatever. And I bet he's gonna say "THINGS!" And I know you don't get it.
So just wish me luck you guys. And pray for me!


Blame it on MTV!

For some weird reason, my head keeps playing MALING AKALA over and over. I didn't really like the song at first but then I just...liked it. Like that time I heard Astro for the first time. LSS! Argh! (bursts into song) "...Maliit na butas, lumalaki...konting gusot, dumadami...."

Boohoo! Ayos lang. Maganda rin naman yung kanta. To think that E-heads originally sang it.

But I will never appreciate Baby ArmaLite. (Sorry I offended any Junior Kilat fans out there.) But if there is one thing I admire about the song, is it's Socio-political related lyrics (according to my dorm mate, Upper - thanks for the info, or simply trying to make me appreciate it! lol!).

So yeah. It's 12:10 A.M., I'm still online, I have to get some sleep. Because I need a LOT of energy for..err..later. Wish me luck you guys. It's one challenge of a lifetime!

I had a short chat with Saab today, just wondering if she would be taking anyone with her or if she was going alone. Then Essy and I had a REAAALY long chat. We had so much fun. (LOL!)

Honey I miss you na!

So yeah. I miss Andrew already. It's so sad. I won't be having breakfast, lunch and dinner with him tomorrow. At least I'll be eating out with my Seventeen girlfriends! Can't stay out THAT late though. 7 would be fine I guess. After the shoot I still hafta go back to the dorms! So, this really does look like one helluva busy week!

And...a huge shout out to HONEY, LANCE, and LEN - thank you guys! For all this support you're showing me. I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!


Okay I gotta hit the sack now. Eyebags rock. NOT. Sheesh. Can anyone buy me a new concealer? My Shu Uemura cleansing oil would last for...a week. That goes for my Origins moisturizer as well! Can anyone get me the entire "set" of ProActive? I'd really love it, thank you.


P.S. - I hate it whenever girls write I LOVE LOUI VITTON, LOUIE VUITTON BAGS in their hobbies/interests (in their Friendster accounts). That's just so insulting. I mean, Louis Vuitton would be really annoyed. Sheesh. When I have a daughter, I would definitely teach her everything about designers. From Rajo Laurel to Gianni Versace. How to spell them right, and how to spot one.
I just felt like sharing. (LOL!)




Okay. So IF I ever win, I get PHP 30,000. And what do I do with the money, you ask?

PHP 10,000 - Goes straight to Bantay Bata. Honest. I'm not making this up.
PHP 10,000 - Goes to my savings! :D
PHP 6,000 - Goes to the wardrobe. You get it.
PHP 4,000 - I treat my friends somewhere. Haha!

This sounds really pathetic. Don't count the chickens before the eggs are hatched,beybeh! But then... I just wanna tell you all that IF I EVER win, the money wouldn't all be spent on Topshop goodies.

DANG! I'm so depressed. Or rather SAD- Andrew would be having dinner alone, I'm skipping GENERAL CHEMISTRY, the subject I'm starting to love, (Thank God for "Balancing equations") and Docu-field, one of my major subjects. I don't wanna fail anything this semester. God, no.

We have this shoot for Seventeen tomorrow, we'll all be meeting up at Glorietta and there's this - wait! I shouldn't be giving out the 411! (LOL)

So yes, you guessed it right, I'm home. Poor baby. He doesn't have me with him. I hope he misses me though!

This has been like, the most hectic week EVER! But I'm having fun in a way.
Andrew and I will be gracing the pages of another magazine. BUT: It's a school-based mag called FACES. I finally got the chance to hang-out with AB-COM students like Grace and Bon, and they definitely ROCKED! They were all so nice.

Oh, btw - watch out for Grace Remulla! We're not really what you call close. But she's a model from CalCarries, has been in Xander Angeles' exhibit, has been featured in Meg, The Philippine Daily Inquirer, been on a Diadora fashion show, and she now has a TVC for Pretz sticks! Oh, and she's a new friend of mine, so I'm proud of her!


I also have loads of people to thank - in random order:
Leeobryan Lim - for voting for me! (wink), George Putong, Lance Prodigalidad, Arazeili Ariola, (and again) Leeobryan Lim - for posting "support messages" at Friendster's bulletin board, Honey Andrade and her oh-so-adorable sister Sunshine for the phone calls that brightened up my day, Sharon Yu, Camille Cruz, Saab Magalona and Adrienne Almeda, God knows why I'm thanking you, Gail Hipolito and Clyde Perez for EVERYTHING, My classmates, dorm mates, fellow JOU and COM students for their ALL OUT SUPPORT (TOTALLY!), All the people who prayed, and is praying for me, all the people who wished me luck.
I may not have won yet, and to some this might be a sorta so-so thing. But then it's not to me. And it's not to the people who truly know me. I love you guys.

Something really funny happened today:
We were having breakfast at the Square, when all of a sudden, COCO (thanks, Man) brought the Seventeen booklet over to this table full of his girlfriends. And then they all turned at me. It felt weird. But then for the first time, whatever they thought of me just didn't matter anymore.

Oh, and thank you to all the girls shooting weird snares at me, and those still laughing at me. You really are the main reason why I'm here now. So if you continue whatever you're doing, it just might take me further. But then, I'm also doing this because I was born to do this. And you know what? It feels great.

And nothing beats that.