"Puro beauty, wala namang brains."

For some reason, this phrase keeps "playing" in my head. Thanks to my very wise Professor who without second thought mentioned the TOP 5 highest and lowest students in our section to the other section.

Didya even get it?

I was in the Top 5 LOWEST for crying out loud. He didn't HAVE to say it to any of us. Thing is, I KNOW that some students in THAT class would DEFINITELY be like..."Ew, pa-model model pa, bobo naman."

Before you even think of judging me as that, I have an explanation.
I enrolled in his class 2 weeks late, because I was on hold for adding/dropping subjects. He only explained the overview of the book we were using, and decided to let us read the rest of Chapters 1 and 2 all by ourselves without even explaining it.

I probably have my obligations as a student, but he also had his obligations as a Professor.

ANYWAYS. So if you were wondering if there was anything else good happening in my life lately? Yes there is.

My classmates and I went to Makati yesterday for this research thingymajig we had to do for a major subject. We went to PCIJ (Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism)inQ.C., then we went back to Makati where we ate at Tokyo Tokyo in Rockwell (Thank God, after eons of not being in Rockwell), went to the wrong Ateneo school (it turned out to be the Ateneo Professional School), got back to the Space Shuttle (what we call Anton's ride), went back to Glorietta, and into Greenbelt, where four of them (Sky, Franco, Peeps and Juno) decided to go to CMFR (Ateneo's Center for Media), and the rest headed to Glorietta 4 ... to Timezone! Oh, did I forget to say that Andrew was with me? Yeah. He skipped like, two major and one minor class for me( I LOVE YOU! ). I beat him at Tekken 5 (LOL!)

So yeah, we found a new way to kill time at ATC on Sundays.

Oh and...super laos talaga kami ni Andrew, who's just about to watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory today. We were supposed to last Sunday but then...long story.

Oh, and talk about Star Spotting! I saw Mariel Rodriguez, Lani Mercado, Alwyn Uytingco (did I spell his family name right? and his girlfriend), Miriam Quiambao (or is it just a look-a-like?) this week.

Cool. Mariel Rodriguez is my favorite VJ (next to Donita, Sarah and Belinda) - she definitely rocks.

And I quote my highschool professor : "ARE YOU AGREE?"


  1. sino yung prof na yun! jombagin ko gusto mo? eh nasa TOP 5 din ako! LOWEST NGA LANG! pare pareho tayo nila pepet sa subj. ni sir calo! waaa!!! kakahiya nga eh.. sinabo pa niya in class.. prang gusto ko ngang mag walk out nun.. pero baka magka offense na naman ako! bwict! kainis! kakahiya! im ashamed of myself! waaahhh!!!!galingan na lang natin sa midterm! kaya natin to!

  2. CMFR does not belong to Ateneo. It's an independent NGO.