Blame it on MTV!

For some weird reason, my head keeps playing MALING AKALA over and over. I didn't really like the song at first but then I just...liked it. Like that time I heard Astro for the first time. LSS! Argh! (bursts into song) "...Maliit na butas, lumalaki...konting gusot, dumadami...."

Boohoo! Ayos lang. Maganda rin naman yung kanta. To think that E-heads originally sang it.

But I will never appreciate Baby ArmaLite. (Sorry I offended any Junior Kilat fans out there.) But if there is one thing I admire about the song, is it's Socio-political related lyrics (according to my dorm mate, Upper - thanks for the info, or simply trying to make me appreciate it! lol!).

So yeah. It's 12:10 A.M., I'm still online, I have to get some sleep. Because I need a LOT of energy for..err..later. Wish me luck you guys. It's one challenge of a lifetime!

I had a short chat with Saab today, just wondering if she would be taking anyone with her or if she was going alone. Then Essy and I had a REAAALY long chat. We had so much fun. (LOL!)

Honey I miss you na!

So yeah. I miss Andrew already. It's so sad. I won't be having breakfast, lunch and dinner with him tomorrow. At least I'll be eating out with my Seventeen girlfriends! Can't stay out THAT late though. 7 would be fine I guess. After the shoot I still hafta go back to the dorms! So, this really does look like one helluva busy week!

And...a huge shout out to HONEY, LANCE, and LEN - thank you guys! For all this support you're showing me. I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!


Okay I gotta hit the sack now. Eyebags rock. NOT. Sheesh. Can anyone buy me a new concealer? My Shu Uemura cleansing oil would last for...a week. That goes for my Origins moisturizer as well! Can anyone get me the entire "set" of ProActive? I'd really love it, thank you.


P.S. - I hate it whenever girls write I LOVE LOUI VITTON, LOUIE VUITTON BAGS in their hobbies/interests (in their Friendster accounts). That's just so insulting. I mean, Louis Vuitton would be really annoyed. Sheesh. When I have a daughter, I would definitely teach her everything about designers. From Rajo Laurel to Gianni Versace. How to spell them right, and how to spot one.
I just felt like sharing. (LOL!)


  1. I know you'll be having a lotta fun even if you're gonna be busy so anyway TAKE CARE gurl.. :)

    Miss ya! Mwah!

  2. go abbie! a lot of thanks to you,too! love you abbie! visit my blog! wala lang.. heheheheh....