For the love of my kikay kit.

A bag is not a bag without a kikay kit. Or…that could just be me.

The only time I take it off my bag is whenever I’m about to have dinner. For simple reasons like… I barely spend three hours outside, I take jeepney rides, and there really is NO need to re-touch or whatsoever.

I’ve always liked whenever one of my favorite magazines feature things like celeb’s kikay kits and their beauty arsenals and sh*t.

And so, I’m doing a feature on MY kikay kit. It’s about time!

I got this on sale at Mango, just before I literally ran to hail a cabbie to Sara Black’s studio for our second shoot. Could you believe I just got this for P500?

L-R : My first Juicy Tubes ( I barely use it on schooldays because it has color ), My everyday juicy lippie, My nth M.A.C. lipglass

Maybelline blush (if I feel like having pink cheeks), Maybelline liquid eyeshadow (because green rocks!), and The Body Shop concealer

Open the second zipper, and you see THIS!

Other lippies : A Chanel lipstick my Mom gave me (everyone compliments me when I use it), Maybelline Diamond shine, Carmex lip balm (my dorm mate Upper gave it to me just last night), Body Shop lip balm, Estee Lauder lipstick

The Body Shop loose powder and brush, Maybelline great lash mascara, Shu Uemura eyelash curler, Origins pinch your cheeks (if I want to go for that Au Naturelle look)

A kikay kit is so not complete without a tweezer, a small bottle of your favorite perfume ( in my case, my almost empty Escada Rockin’ Rio), a nailcutter, and CLEAN q-tips to fix those mascara booboos.

SO. There you have it. There's just one part of my kikay kit not shown because I forgot to edit the picture. You know, make it smaller. Will upload it next time. It's like,this proof that I really AM a lip junkie.

I wanna add sumn new to my paraphernalia, DuWop's Lip Venom. I tested it last Sunday, and I really liked it! And Cinema Secrets' Concealer. I'm starting to fall for DuWop goodies. Mmm. And MOR. hihi.


  1. i have that same lip balm from body shop! Kikay kit is totally a necessity for us ladies! *wink*..

  2. a tribute to all the kikay kits of all the gorgeous ladies in the world..amazing! :D my kit felt honored, i can tell. (it was on the verge of explosion!)

    great post, abbie dearie. btw, i've linked you up, alright? rock on! :)

  3. Please come with me to The Body Shop. I have a lot of questions. Hahahahahaha!

  4. i soooooooo can't relate. damnit.

  5. bie...ibenta na natin lahat ng kakikayan mo...kita mo...magkakaron tau ng pang-produce ng book natin entitled "101 ways to make excuses" wohoo! love you bie... :D

  6. Haha! Well Mike....:D heehee. Hey France ...totally! Froshie, thanks!!! :D Honey...sure! Why not? hehehe! Upper... belat! Love you Up!