Here's a piece of MY brain - and self.

I'm giving you a few RANDOM things about me, for you to probably get to know me a bit...better. A few of the things I despise and love, few traits that I have, things that piss me off and make my day, my opinions... Yada-yada-yada. Here I am! Uncensored. (Thanks Mike, for the inspiration from your 100 things. Although I don't think I could go that far.)

1.) I am starting to develop this hate for cheap,disrespectful,strident gays. (especially those who are crushing over Andrew). I used to say that that's just how they are, but most of them just go overboard. So there.

2.) I hate it when people walk by me and start laughing. It's just so annoying.

3.) Girls who flip their hair like they're in a Sunsilk commercial or something. Girls: Just because it worked for Cameron Diaz does not mean it would look good on you.

4.) Jologs. I will forever despise them, especially guys. I'm sorry, but blame it on those experiences. Ick.

5.) Printed tops paired with printed skirts. The basic rule of fashion, my dear friends! I cannot believe I still see this faux pas on women.

6.) Teenybopper chicks in their twenties. One word: ICK. Face it. Your pa-cute days are over. Move on!

7.) English ng english, pero di marunong mag-english! Sure,speaking in a foreign language is cool. But TRYING so hard to? Walang nakakahiya sa pagtatagalog. Mas nakakahiya ang nag i-ingles, mali-mali naman! PILIPINO KA! P*TA!

8.) Uber-narrow minded people. Especially in terms of sex. I'm one green-minded person. But I mean that in terms of being open with sex jokes, and everything about sex. So stop saying "Eww!" or "Yuck!" when you hear a green joke. So not circa now.

9.) I am not Maria Clara, nor do I live in her era. So stop trying to make and see me as one.

10.) My imperfections make me perfect. That is, in my and Andrew's opinion. I don't have a huge rack, but if I did I would look hideous. I'm 5'2", but I'd look like a bamboo stick if I were 5'7". It goes with some girls. But then it wouldn't for me.

11.) Pa-pam-pam. They're everywhere. Especially when I'm with Andrew. May nalalaman pang pa-nguso nguso na pagturo sa mga kaibigan kay Andrew at hair-flipping, pag-ayos ng buhok sa likod ng tenga and all that crappy flirting methods. Sorry ha. Wa-epek eh. Ako lang nakakapansin, kaya lang babae ako kaya hindi ko kayo mapapatulan. Besides, sana maganda kayo para pansinin.

12.) Old friends who think I've changed because of this and that. I'm just busy. Even if you don't see me running around, my mind is just SO busy. Period.

13.) I DO have Carrie Bradshaw's gene. I may not be one helluva kick-ass writer like her, but I sure can run around in my stilettos. So shut up and don't say anything against it.

14.) OVER-JUDGMENTAL people. You have no right to say REALLY mean things to somebody unless sobrang sinira niya buhay mo.

15.) Mga tao na umasta na parang akala mo kung sino. Don't look down on me just because you have higher grades than I do. I may not excel in academics (even if my professors branded me as "one promising student" pero tamad lang sabi nila) like you do, but that certainly does not make you a better, smarter person than I am. So, you have no rights to look at me like I'm nobody. You have no rights to ignore me when I'm talking to you, and you definitely DO NOT have the rights to JUDGE ME AS A PERSON.

16.) I am a Tekken 5 Addict. I beat my boyfriend at it. Christie will ALWAYS be my girl.

17.) I will always be uber-close with my guyfriends. Enough said. I love ALL of them so much.

18.) Sobrang PDA. I appreciate that my boyfriend is so showy with how he feels about me. He always wants me THISCLOSE to him. Pero nakakairita yung mga jologs na sobrang mag PDA. I'm so mean, I'm sorry.

19.) I hate Dora's backpack. I'm sorry Chloie, I know you love Dora. At least I didn't say anything when you told me you liked Nicole Ritchie, right?

20.) Watching DUMBO still makes me cry. It's not being pa-tweetums.

21.) I will always love Paris Hilton. And I have Gail to thank for making me realize that Paris IS hot!

22.) I am not SO full of myself. it's a common misconception. People think I'm like, full of crap. But they really have no idea. When people judge you all the time, the only option you have is to FIGHT. Prove them wrong. Put yourself out there, show them who you REALLY are.

23.) I'm so tired of being nice -ALL THE TIME. Just because I stay silent even I see people pointing at me and laughing. Or even if I hear people talk about Andrew, and me being nobody but the "ugly girlfriend" (I've had witnesses) - I'm SO tired of it. So it's time for me to show them who they're really stepping on. People take you for granted if you're always nice. Whether they like it or not, whatever they call me - this is me.

24.) Joining Seventeen's Model Search totally changed my life. They totally made my dream come true. And God knows I will be forever thankful. The experience is just...inexplicable.

25.) I still sing along to the songs of The Sound of Music with my cousin. PLUS a few songs from The Wizard Of Oz.

26.) I am still hooked on Madonna. I mean, the woman is a legend. I will forever be blown away by her. Even if it's not really obvious or something.

27.) I memorize almost every line from my favorite SATC episodes. You don't even have to wonder how and WHY.

28.) I am a techie-freak. Blame it on my Pop.

29.) I think abs are sexy - and boxers. I go gaga over abs! AND killer smiles! (Like my crush) Heehee! Oh, hi Baby.

30.) I like it when Andrew pulls me UBERCLOSE to him. And kisses my head and hands out of nowhere. He's such a sweetie.

31.) I still cry over little things. First thing I do? I call my Mum.

32.) I have officially turned into a bookie. Not in the terms that I read schoolbooks. Next in list is Gabriel Garcia Marquez's latest novel. I'm just about to have a reservation at Powerbooks.

33.) I love impromptu road trips and sleep-outs with Andrew and my friends. I can be adventurous at times. Plus nothing beats being with Andrew and my crazy friends for two days straight.

34.) Doing everything with Andrew. Because that's what tightens our bond, not just as a couple, but as best friends. That's where we get to know each other better. The only thing we lack is to officially have a sport together. Unless Tong its counts as a sport.

35.) I will forever hate Andrew's immaturity. But I have to accept the fact that it will always be there until he turns 20. I have two more years to extremely extend my patience (wish me luck!).

36.) Pronounciation is a big deal to me. I get so pissed off when THE is pronounced as ZA or DZA. Some can be tolerated, but some are just...UGH. Nevermind.

37.) I will always gush over Mango, Topshop and Havaianas goodies. I don't have to explain why.

38.) When I'm in Laguna, I don't hang-out in Laguna. If I ever go out, it's always got to be in Alabang. Thank God we're like 20 minutes away. I don't have any friends who live near my place(which is sad), and all I see are... nevermind.

39.) I really wanna be a flight attendant - first class at Lufthansa. You can imagine my reaction while watching Gwyneth Paltrow in A view from the Top strut her stuff in Paris. But I would probably pursue this after I fulfill my childhood dream of becoming a model.

40.) I am a frustrated singer. Don't really like the "packaging" here though. Ew. However,I sang a couple of times in school (waaay back Kindergarten, my high-school days in IPSJ, and my college days in La Salle). Most of the time in the bathroom, and at Karaoke hub -with Andrew and my co-FP. Bad day? SING IT ALL OUT!

41.) I totally miss hanging out at Rockwell. But then there's Gateway now (Hi Honey!).

42.) I am currently drinking tons of vitamins and working-out about 5-6 days a week. I am that determined to get the body I've always dreamed of. Then I'll be so confident to strut my stuff in the beach again. Andrew inspired me to work-out again. Besides, seeing Jeniffer Lopez's pictures in her inlay card (in her latest CD, Rebirth) makes you want to sign up for a membership at Gold's gym.

43.) Anniversary celebrations are exciting. Because they're celebrated at special places. I get so kilig that I can't wait 'til our second.

44.) High-school reunions rock. Simply just does.

45.) Boracay IS heaven on earth. So as Jonah's shakes. MMM! I'm totally craving for that BananaChoco shake! There is no better place to spend your vacation on than Boracay. Especially when you stay at Friday's. (wink)

46.) Whenever I'm in Powerbooks, I read books about France. I find myself head over heels with this place. I think France is breathtaking. Even that is an understatement.

47.) Sir Valerio is my hero. I love this Professor, text-mate, savior and (a considered) bestfriend SO MUCH! He will always be one of my favorites. All of his students love him. He is THE ULTIMATE FILM GURU! And you gotta love the fashion sense!

48.) I can't wait 'til Gold's gym in Alabang opens. Because I will be a member when I finish school. It's the perfect time for that. You know, totally working out!

49.) I get starstruck. BIG TIME. I will never forget the time I got interviewed by Mia Fausto, Kat Dy and Tata Mapa. Having the chance to meet Sara Black, Toto Labrador, Bobbi Carlos, Effie Go, Barbi Chan AND Gela Laurel is like one of the many unforgettable experiences that I had from being a part of the Seventeen finalists. I can't deny that seeing other local artists as well, like Heart Evangelista, who I've seen for like, so many times can still leave me Starstruck.

50.) No matter how broke I am, I always make a way for me to grab Preview's latest ish. That includes other Summit magazines as well like Seventeen, Cosmo... (wink!)It's true though.

Okay. So there, 50 of it. I hope I didn't get anybody offended, this is just the way I see things. It's my blog anyway. What do you care?


This will probably have a part 2...3...4. I hope it made you KNOW me in a way. At least just how this busy brain works.