Some of the pieces just don't fit...anymore.

You know that feeling, when you try your best to pick everything up, glue them together... but then some pieces already lost the bits that could probably hold them all together, and that no matter how hard you try you just can NEVER put them back as a whole anymore...?

That's how I feel.

Everything that's surrounding me is broken. Broken lives, broken friendships, broken spirits...

Yeah, as cheesy as it sounds. That's reality.

And it's so friggin' hard not to be affected with the way things are, especially when your friends are involved in it.


Choel is FINE, thank God. Andrew went with me to St. Lukes last Wednesday to visit Cho. It feels good to see two of the MEN you love meet and talk and joke around with each other (yeah, Choel had the strength to joke).

It was also our first time at Gateway (Honey would be so happy to hear this, that I finally know how to get there).

So much happened...But I really want to thank HONEY and SAAB - for being there when I was so depressed about Choel's situation. (Saab- bigla kayong nawala ni Essy kanina ha. Hmp.)

And of course, thanking ANDREW would definitely be a given. FRANCE, CHIEZ AND FROSHIE as well. Thanks you guys.

Okay, gots ta get ready for church. Will rant later.

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  1. You don't have to thank me for anything..

    What are friends for? ;)

    See you soon! Take care..

    And remember that everything happens for a reason. Even if sometimes you just don't understand it or if it hurts you so bad..