When life hits you in the head...

...with an axe, it just... Okay, maybe not. But something like that.

Choel is in St. Luke's operating room as I type this entry. I did not get much of the 411. All I know is that my bestfriend was stabbed 5 TIMES - in his chest. I didn't know how I was supposed to react. I mean, yeah I know he's stable, but still under observation. But then it's a lot better than...you know. Right?

But I still CANNOT imagine someone I've known for so long to experience this. Choel and I are so close that right up to this minute, I'm still trying to absorb the fact that one of the closest people to me is in an operating room. That someone tried to take him away from me.

It's terrible. I'm facing too much right now, and this doesn't just mean Choel. There are other things as well. As heavy as this.

Funny, we just came from our retreat yesterday. I had less worries then. But then they were replaced with new ones.

Life, has again kicked me in the balls. Yeah, you get it.

I guess I just cannot be in any worse situation than this.

You have NO idea.


  1. abbie, i hope that your best bud will recover soon. c'mon and lemme give you a hug. >:D<

  2. im sorry to hear that, i hope he'll get well soon.. Be strong girl..