Click click click on the freakin' refresh icon!

I wish it was that easy to do.

Sometimes, you find yourself at a phase in life where you want things not to turn out the way you expected. Days like, you wished something BETTER would happen in the middle of all the chaos happening. Like, impromptu road trips and sleep-outs.
Like, wishing that predicting that the day will end with another fight didn't come true.

Or just that things wouldn't go in the exact same order.

Oh c'mon. It's not as easy as you think.

Jeez. These are the days when you wished you were Bill Gates' long lost daughter or something.

I wanna fly off to France.



  1. this is the best one I have ever seen, and I have seen them all!

  2. abbie!!! anything would be fine..if u really want to be PH then go...its the way you carry urself that matters..and its the attitude...

  3. uy naaamoy ko hasang mo sis, kita ko mapula! Type kita ako rin conceited!

  4. hi hopping hopping! love your picture ganda.. parang ako jehjeh Sana mag -iwan ka rin ng bakas sa blog namin ni Mildred. Take care sis, kisses from Toronto! O yan ha.. imported kisses yan for u, mwah! =)

  5. (Firefox) whoa. I checked it out. Nice.

    (Jot) PH? I don't want to sound like an ignoramie, but what's PH? :D

    (Mildred) haha! I had to ask what hasang means. I'm such a dum-dum. Thanks, girl!

    (Naomi)wow! cool huh. All the way from Toronto? That's hot. You take care,too. I'll drop by your blog! *mwah*