Pancakes, Oatmeal Cookies and Movies.

At 2 A.M., while having a daily dose of my SATC ep's, I suddenly had the craving for pancakes. And my dorm mate, Upper craved for Oatmeal cookies (that explains the title). So, to satisfy ourselves we ate what we could find in the fridge. Butter Cookes and Chewy Choclit Chips. I don't know about Upper, but I definitely was NOT satisfied by imagining I was at Pancake House while chewing on Choclit Chip Cookies. Damn.

Anyways, last night my good friend Tom showed me (in his iMac, may I add, which distracted me from watching) the trailer of Memoirs of a Geisha. If it wasn't for Tom, by the way I wouldn't be able to read it since it was his book I borrowed.

The trailer blew me away. REALLY. I CANNOT wait to watch it. The first time I heard about it was last month, when Sir Valerio told me about it and said that Ziyi Zhang was playing Hatsumomo. My bad! Good thing though, she's playing Sayuri. and Michelle Yeoh will be Mameha. The cinematography was... God, I can't explain it. You'll just hafta see it yourself.

Speaking of movies, have you seen The Da Vinci Code's trailer already? YOU SHOULD. And you SHOULD watch out for The Exorcism of Emily Rose as well, because...just thinking about the trailer makes me...shiver. I am currently checking out Sony Pictures' website. I did this too on the Amytiville Horror. Yikes.

Is it obvious that I have nothing else good to say? Yeah. Well...

I found out that Emily Rose was a 19 year-old girl who got possessed IN her DORMITORY.

I think that alone is an obvious fact that I will be disturbed after watching this movie.

Okay. Enough gobbledygook. Watch out for The Da Vinci Code on May 19, 2006.

I said enough.


  1. the exorcism of emily rose was based on true events right? and my classmate was totally freaked out after seeing that movie, she said if that was based on true story in that case the girl might be in her totally insane state..

  2. That is so cool, where'd you see it? My professor told me it would probably be shown this December or next year pa! Buti pa siya napanood na niya. But I don't think I could watch it. And yes, it IS based on true events. Damn. :(

  3. it is already playing here right now!! it started about a month ago.. i guess it varies in each country.

  4. DAYM! I thought so. Super huli talaga dito sa Pinas. Fudge darn it. Well, good for you. Pag napanood mo, tell me about it ha. :D If I could like...bear watching it or sumn. Eek!