Because it's better that way.

I hate it when it's SO obvious that people are talking about you. It's like, I wanna go up to them and just ask them...


Yes, with the intention of sounding like Saab.

I find it SO annoying when people do that! What's so funny? What made you smirk? What made you look at me from head to foot?


I know my entries have been (mostly) rants from experiences like these... but I can't help it. It's really irritating.

ANYWAYS- Another thing you should say to my face A.S.A.P. ...

Essy's debut will be on the 24th. Hollywood's the theme, beybeh! Saab and I have been texting on what to wear, who to be? It seems that we're both clueless, but I really want to go as Paris Hilton. REALLY.

That would be cool, right? I mean...PARIS HILTON!

Anyway, I really need your help on this, guys. TAG or WRITE A COMMENT! I'd like to know what you guys think!! Who should it be???

TELL ME, TELL ME, TELL ME! I can't wait to hear your suggestions. I wish Mike were reading this, I'd really like to know what he thinks too. (LOL)

So yeah. That's about it.

I'm one boring human being. If you even consider me as one.


  1. alam mo, isipin mo na lang na hindi ka nila kalevel para patulan pa sila. inggit lang naman lagi ang reason kung bakit sila nagiging ganun e.

  2. if you plan to go a la paris hilton, there'd be, like, 12 of you. trust me.

    you might wanna try lucy liu; not charlie's angels lucy liu, but kill bill lucy liu.

    that'd be hotter than paris fucking hilton.

  3. i saw u in that candy mag modelling comp. thingy. and ur petite and have chinky eyes, ayt?! i suggest... just like bullish1974 said, LUCY LIU, wud be gr8! coz she's also petite and has chinky eyes! but, like what she wore on full throttle.. the leather one. either when she was a teacher OR when she was fighting with the CREEPY THIN MAN!

    hope that helped!

  4. (Lennypot) hmm. Yeah. ohwell.

    (Mike) YEAH! right. right. :D thanks, man! I think going Lucy Liu is better. Right. Right. (nods)

    (Fwanget) It's Seventeen, sweetie. (lol) but hey, thanks. i really think I'd go as her. (lol) heehee.