September issue OUT!

Just passed by to say that.

The photo is cool by the way, except for the fact that my "curves" got lost. I don't know where it went but it's okay. Beb says it's alright, anyway.

Nah, I like to call him BUBBA. Or bub. Heehee. Okay I'll call him Bubba instead of Beb.

Whatever. I'm talking gobbledygook again!

We're just waiting for... the time. Ugh, we hafta leave at 5:15 to play Tekken 5. We're at SM Dasmariñas right now. The heck. It's the nearest mall we could go to.


Grab a copy, people! And hate the picture!

Kidding. I love it. Teehee.

Andrew says:
(He does the bunny face while thinking...)

What a bore.

Okay. Gots to go!

Grab a copy, people! (LOL!)