NO WORDS could explain how this past week has been for me. Lemme give you a brief summary of how it's been. I'ma include Saturday and Sunday din para masaya.


Na-higad ako sa kubo sa tapat ng OSH. Sa apat na taon ko sa La Salle ngayon ko lang na-experience. And you know what I think? Hindi ka tunay na Lasalyano unless you experience it! LOL.


I met up with a friend of Mum's to get the stuff she sent me at ATC. After that, we headed to Food choices, went up ta Timezone, and while we were waiting for our turn to play Tekken 5, we decided to play Table Soccer muna ( I suck at it, I swear ). Then we played Tekken....for the first time, Andrew kicked my ass! I lost!...then I felt depressed. AND THEN I noticed the package was missing. When we asked about it, pinadala na daw sa security kase they thought it was a bomb! One of the people at Timezone even said they had plans of closing Timezone kase akala nila may Bomb Threat daw! I was really pissed, we had to go all the way to the Security HQ (take note, we had to ride the L300, along with the dog! Yeah! The Belgian, sniffing, guard dog! Whatever they call it!), they wrote everything down, from the contents of the package, my name, my address...yada yada. I was uber pissed talaga, but later on, I found it funny. It is, if you think of it.

MONDAY, TUESDAY were okay. They were normal days, thank God.


I had to change 4 times to totally "feel" what I was wearing. I hated walking down Lake Avenue not being comfortable in my outfit.


THE most TIRING day of my life! I felt like a student again. I kinda like it.
I slept at 1 A.M. watching Imelda, woke up at 6:45, typed my Docu-field assignment,got ready,ran to the nearest net shop, researched for my Chem report,had everything printed (including our thesis paper), ran to the canteen to have breakfast with Andrew, and ran back to ERH for Chem. Afterwards, I took my special exam in Educational Broadcasting...which I would rather not talk about.


Hmm. So not in the mood today. I didn't sleep well, and I feel so....grumpy. My phone is busted. It can't text for some reason. It sucks. BLEAK. I want a new phone! Upgrade, upgrade!!! I-mate! P910i! (LOL)

Okay. So...there isn't much to share. I just wanna lie down and doze off and wake-up next Monday. How I wish!


  1. hi abbie!Ü
    hassle yang higad. i remember my mom dabbing my skin with cotton that was soaked in vinegar when i was a kid. it was supposed to kill the "legs" of the higad. hehe.

  2. I KNOW, RIGHT? wala nang tatalo pa sa pagka-hassle ng pagkagat ng higad.


    buti naman naranasan mo nung bata ka pa, kahit pano, less traumatizing. hehe.