Please wipe the drool off my face?


Sony Ericsson p900


Sony Ericsson p910i


Sony Ericsson p990i

But Pop is sorta talking me into this:
The i-mate PDA

But then I also want this:
Apple Powerbook G4

Not bad, eh?

So what do you guys think? Pretty hard being in my Leopard-printed Havaianas eh?
TELL ME what you think.

Oh c'mon, you guys HAVE to interact with me here! (lol)

Or maybe... Santa Claus thinks I've been a good girl this year. And he'd give me all of them!

Aw, crap.


The Zahir.

Yes, write that down. It's topping my list of "Books to read". It's a new Paolo Coelho novel that I can't wait to get my hands on. Probably one of the things that made me so into reading this book is was set in France.

Or better yet, give it to me as an early Christmas present.

I was in Powerbooks the other day, I decided to stop by before I got a ride home. I might read it before I finish reading Marquez's One Hundred Years of Solitude. LOL.

And speaking of France, Paris is definitely THE place I'd visit when I've earned enough money. (Do I know how to do to that?) Anyway, I'd really like to go with Andrew. Probably shop around Champs, and smooch in front of the Eiffel Tower. LOL!



It would look dazzling by night!

I long to walk these streets...

Everything about Paris fascinates me. It's culture,cafés...the Parisian way of dressing up... EVERRRYthing about it. I just can't wait to walk it's sodden streets. I can't wait to breathe Parisian air. I just can't wait.

Can someone take me to Paris...right now?


Yen invited me to a halloween party at the Ayala Alabang Village on the 31st. She says the La Salle Football Varsity will be throwing a par-tay. Hmm. Not bad. If some of the Seventeen finalists will be going, I'm definitely going too. (wink) What's really exciting is that we hafta be in costumes. A costume party...varsity players...not bad! Not bad at all. Plus it's been a long time since I've been on a party.

Here goes the classic (Abbie) question... what am I gonna be? If ever I'll be going, that is.


BUB - HAPPY 21st MONTHSARY! I so hate you for hanging up on me (unintentionally though). But I LOVE YOU for everything else. I'm so happy I'm WITH you. I love love love you so much! Looking forward to more silly (and cantankerous) moments wit ya.


Murky, Miserable, Worn-out. TOTALLY.

Good thing though, my hair isn't messed up. Thank God they turned out okay. And Bub liked it. Because if THIS was bad... damn. It's going to feel like....the end of the world. MY WORLD.

I'm not exaggerating, but academically speaking, things just keep falling apart. We all feel SO bad about it. Everything's so planned out, people failing this, no OJT this sembreak... geesh. Infuriating. What is happening to the world?...MY WORLD?

Good thing though, I went all the way to school this morning to meet up with my Bubba and help him out with his enrollment. That's my excuse, but all I really wanted to do was to see him, because technically, he's all I needed. And I totally felt idyllic with him. Honestly. He just kept me happy, without even trying. He kept thanking me but I should thank him too. He kept me sane.

I don't want to sound sappy, but Andrew's one of the things that keeps me driven. Ionno. But he does. He makes me look forward...think of the future, because I know he's gonna be there by my side...doing silly things.

I miss him again.

BUB! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. I wish you were with me right now. (sob) We're turning 21 months this coming Monday. We were supposed to have our orientation at ABS-CBN on Monday. Fudge darn it.

Oh well. Drama, drama, drama.


Mark your calendars, me dear comrades!

And make sure you wake up real early next Wednesday, and the first thing you should do, is wipe the drool off your face, look for the freakin' remote control and channel surf...but STOP when you're tuned in to Studio 23.


This is so exciting. THANK YOU SO MUCH, SEVENTEEN!

Today was one of those LONG days. It's kinduv exciting that we would be having our OJT this month. It's exciting and...scary at the same time.

I just got home from Greenbelt. We watched The 40-year-old virgin again (the third time for me.) Sayang 'coz Shar texted me awhilago asking if Andrew and I could make it to a 1 P.M. shoot at Sara Black's studio. Too bad. I really wanted to.
He's in Pangasinan right now, for the sembreak. His grandmum just died the other day. I felt really bad. God bless her.


Oh well.I can't...uhm...I'm....tired.



Kill that obsession!

I was craving for GO NUTS DONUTS since last night. So when my cousin went to Alabang this morning (she just bought a new car), I thought that she could drive by Westgate ta get us some of these rather scrumptious...I consider it my happy food. (lol) So there. I took photos of myself going NUTS an hour ago, and so here it is:

Can't wait to take them all in!

You can tell I'm going crazy.


For now, I can say that I have...killed my obsession. Not for long though. Not until my tummy cusses for more.

Today, I was supposed to meet up with my classmates at school. I was supposed to get up at 7 A.M. But I was so lethargic, I wished I was just dreaming of *** again.

OMG. This is so weird. My ex's initials were ***, now the guy of my dreams...OMG! I told you we were destined to be together!

Okay, anyways, I decided to get up at 8, took a shower...AND THEN Coy texted me. We won't be pushing through, not until tomorrow. Jeez.

I wanna go back to sleep now and just keep dreaming.

(sigh)My knees are starting to weaken. Heaven help me.


Things I will never comprehend.

1.) MEN. Enough said.


3.) WHY PEOPLE ALWAYS TELL ME THAT I SHOULD GET FAT. Thing is, I'm really confident and happy with my body, and I tell you, I've been doing almost EVERYTHING to get fat, but nothing ever happens. Wala na akong magagawa, this is how I'm built! But you can help me gain a litttttle weight though. It wouldn't hurt. So start leaving your comments wherever! I'd love it if you'd help me out on this.

4.) MY DREAMS. It's so weird that I left my dreamcatcher at the dorms, but then I had the most BEAUTIFUL dream today. It was so long it felt like a full length movie! Feeling ko, buong oras na tulog ako, yun at yun lang yung panaginip ko. It was so good that I woke up all kilig and shit. And yes, it was about the Green Magnet. Holy Crap. Definitely one of those dreams when you wish you just wouldn't wake up. (sigh)

5.) WHY AM I NOT WITH HIM? It's a really bad question but then... why not? I really like him! No, I think I'm falling for him! I think God intended for us to be together instead of... Okay, bub, I'm sorry. (lol!) But really.... why??? (Oh c'mon,'re seriously thinking I mean this?... I do! haha! lol!)

6.) WHY CAN'T I STOP THINKING ABOUT HIM? Okay, okay I'll cut the crap. This is so freakin' silly.

7.) WHAT IS IT WITH "TELL ME WHERE IT HURTS" ? Why do people sing it all the time, why do I hear it on the radio, and why does it keep playing in my freakin' head? I'd rather hear Crazy Frog than that. Seriously. I think he's entertaining. Yeah. Seriously.

8.) WHY I'M STILL BROKE. Oh God, please perform a miracle.... make money rain down in this very room right now.

...oh well. C'est La Vie,Mon Ametie! Did I say that right?


Finally... I could say finally.

I could take a breather from all this pressure.

AND...finally uploaded pictures in my Multiply account.

Anyways, I'm in emo mode right now.

And so I leave you with:

Counting Crows

I am color...blind
Coffee black and egg white
Pull me out from inside
I am ready
I am ready
I am ready
I am
taffy stuck, tongue tied
Stuttered shook and uptied
Pull me out from inside
I am ready
I am ready
I am ready
I am...fine
I am covered in skin
No one gets to come in
Pull me out from inside
I am folded, and unfolded, and unfolding
I am
Coffe black and egg white
Pull me out from inside
I am ready
I am ready
I am ready
I am fine
I am fine
I am fine

It's the song I'd really like to listen to before I doze off. It reminds me of Andrew. It's the song from Cruel Intentions.

Ryan Philippe is SHO hot. (Where'd that come from?)

So yeah. I should really take a breather right now and not pressure myself to not write gobbledygook again. Check out my multiply account nalang.

Bub, I miss you. And I love you so much.

Did you watch Wazzup? What did you think? (lol!)


I'm so sorry Toni G.!

I noticed, after recording the Wazzup Wazzup morning edition, that Toni G. was apparently pissed at me kase ang tagal ko mag-plug, eh we were running out of time na. So..I'm really sorry, Toni. (boohoo) Anyways, everything went well afterwards. I have a picture taken with her which I will post soon. (meaning when I get home)

Right now I'm at Basil's, Ed's outside...will ge giving the details soon (again, which means as soon as I get home, which is tomorrow ,btw).

So there. Nothing much to say but that Drew and I had another fight again last night. But...everything's sorta fine. Will make kwento soon. (which means...yeah you know what it means).

Thanks for reading this gobbledygook.



I know you missed me!!!!

SO...I'M BACK! Oh c'mon. Admit it. (lol)


Since I'm in my usual lethargic mode right now, I'm telling you WHAS (I borrowed you word, Honey! lol!)BEEN GOIN' ON with the help of organizing 'em with numbers. Yowza!


1.) GUESS WHO'S GONNA BE ON WAZZUP WAZZUP? Uh-huh. You got that right. Us Seventeen Girls will be there probably for a little while, just to introduce ourselves, promote the magazine and tell all y'all to vote for us. Yowza! (when am I ever gonna stop saying that?)I'm just so excited. Our official second idiot box appearance! (First was on MTV Get Spotted, which I missed. Klutz.) ANYWAY, see you tomorrow! 7 P.M., Studio 23, Kabarkada mo! Yowza!

2.) YOU CAN NOW VOTE FOR US THROUGH TEXT! Just key in 17(space)VOTE(space)name of favorite model. You can even download an MMS of your favorite model, how's that? Oh, and send it to 2929.

3.) DIRECTOR JOEL RUIZ AND MOVIE PRODUCER MARGIE TEMPLO IS ON PREVIEW. I just happen to have introduced them (to my fellow students) a few weeks ago when the Luntian Film Festival was held in school. Direk Joel is so HOT. Sir Valerio was like,"he finds you pretty!"...Yowza! (strike three) Oh, and I also want to tell you guys...grab a copy of Preview Magazine. It rocks. Of course in line with Seventeen.

4.) METALLICS ARE BACK. In MY world it is. I'm so obsessed with this gold body bag that I bought for 600 bucks! I call it my "Ghetto Bling Bling Bag"...oh,c'mon. You know it's just for fun. It's been getting a lot of attention though. People hate it. I just hope I don't see them carrying a gold bag one of these days, then we'll see who's laughing. HA HA.

5.) I HAVE BEEN TO PARIS FOR A DAY. How I wish. Lately I was at the library and I happen to have "bumped" into a few books which featured Paris, and I found myself TOTALLY longing to be there. And that's when I knew, that I could never EVER leave this world without having to breathe Parisian air into my system. Definitely the top of my "Things to do before I die" list.

6.) I CAN'T WAIT. I just can't.

So..I leave you with....
...Oh, just watch us at 7 P.M.! Studio 23, Kabarkada mo! (lol!)


Things you want to get out of one way or another.

Do I really have to go specific on this?

There are times in one person's life when there are a LOT of regrets. I wish I didn't, I wish I wasn't, I wish I hadn't, I wish I didn't...all those wishing while closing your eyes and trying to picture out how life could've been if you turned right instead of left, not uttering words you shouldn't have said, doing things you shouldn't have done, and the list could go ON and ON.

All those coulda woulda shouldas in life. Bleak.

I say regretting is, in a way healthy. Although never advisable. Regretting makes you learn from your mistakes. Or maybe it can just make you realize your mistakes. Which will, later on, lead you to the conclusion that you have been a klutz all your life to have repeatedly done the same mistake, almost over and over. And why haven't you woken up? And just how long did it take for you to get to that point?

As for me, I don't really know what God wants me to see with all these thoughts in my friggin' head. In this case, regretting does NOT help. Regretting is definitely not the answer, and totally pointless.

I got to thinking about the decisions we make in life. How they all seem so clear at one point, and after the longest time, you wonder : How did I get here? And who's fault is it? Is it me, is it the people around me that influenced me into getting into this huge mess? Or did I get myself into this?

Certainly. Because I made that step. I made that decision. No one else did that for me. I guess I still had a mind of my own that time. Wait. Or did I?

I AM stuck in a rut - again. But then no one can get me out of this but me. But where do I start? Do I literally have to get myself out of this?

You think?

Let's see about that.

To all my Muslim friends, bloggers... RAMADHAN KAREEM you guys!


I'm alive!!!!

Just dropped by to say that.

Seventeen's October Issue is already OUT! Yowza!