I know you missed me!!!!

SO...I'M BACK! Oh c'mon. Admit it. (lol)


Since I'm in my usual lethargic mode right now, I'm telling you WHAS (I borrowed you word, Honey! lol!)BEEN GOIN' ON with the help of organizing 'em with numbers. Yowza!


1.) GUESS WHO'S GONNA BE ON WAZZUP WAZZUP? Uh-huh. You got that right. Us Seventeen Girls will be there probably for a little while, just to introduce ourselves, promote the magazine and tell all y'all to vote for us. Yowza! (when am I ever gonna stop saying that?)I'm just so excited. Our official second idiot box appearance! (First was on MTV Get Spotted, which I missed. Klutz.) ANYWAY, see you tomorrow! 7 P.M., Studio 23, Kabarkada mo! Yowza!

2.) YOU CAN NOW VOTE FOR US THROUGH TEXT! Just key in 17(space)VOTE(space)name of favorite model. You can even download an MMS of your favorite model, how's that? Oh, and send it to 2929.

3.) DIRECTOR JOEL RUIZ AND MOVIE PRODUCER MARGIE TEMPLO IS ON PREVIEW. I just happen to have introduced them (to my fellow students) a few weeks ago when the Luntian Film Festival was held in school. Direk Joel is so HOT. Sir Valerio was like,"he finds you pretty!"...Yowza! (strike three) Oh, and I also want to tell you guys...grab a copy of Preview Magazine. It rocks. Of course in line with Seventeen.

4.) METALLICS ARE BACK. In MY world it is. I'm so obsessed with this gold body bag that I bought for 600 bucks! I call it my "Ghetto Bling Bling Bag"...oh,c'mon. You know it's just for fun. It's been getting a lot of attention though. People hate it. I just hope I don't see them carrying a gold bag one of these days, then we'll see who's laughing. HA HA.

5.) I HAVE BEEN TO PARIS FOR A DAY. How I wish. Lately I was at the library and I happen to have "bumped" into a few books which featured Paris, and I found myself TOTALLY longing to be there. And that's when I knew, that I could never EVER leave this world without having to breathe Parisian air into my system. Definitely the top of my "Things to do before I die" list.

6.) I CAN'T WAIT. I just can't.

So..I leave you with....
...Oh, just watch us at 7 P.M.! Studio 23, Kabarkada mo! (lol!)