I'm so sorry Toni G.!

I noticed, after recording the Wazzup Wazzup morning edition, that Toni G. was apparently pissed at me kase ang tagal ko mag-plug, eh we were running out of time na. So..I'm really sorry, Toni. (boohoo) Anyways, everything went well afterwards. I have a picture taken with her which I will post soon. (meaning when I get home)

Right now I'm at Basil's, Ed's outside...will ge giving the details soon (again, which means as soon as I get home, which is tomorrow ,btw).

So there. Nothing much to say but that Drew and I had another fight again last night. But...everything's sorta fine. Will make kwento soon. (which means...yeah you know what it means).

Thanks for reading this gobbledygook.