Kill that obsession!

I was craving for GO NUTS DONUTS since last night. So when my cousin went to Alabang this morning (she just bought a new car), I thought that she could drive by Westgate ta get us some of these rather scrumptious...I consider it my happy food. (lol) So there. I took photos of myself going NUTS an hour ago, and so here it is:

Can't wait to take them all in!

You can tell I'm going crazy.


For now, I can say that I have...killed my obsession. Not for long though. Not until my tummy cusses for more.

Today, I was supposed to meet up with my classmates at school. I was supposed to get up at 7 A.M. But I was so lethargic, I wished I was just dreaming of *** again.

OMG. This is so weird. My ex's initials were ***, now the guy of my dreams...OMG! I told you we were destined to be together!

Okay, anyways, I decided to get up at 8, took a shower...AND THEN Coy texted me. We won't be pushing through, not until tomorrow. Jeez.

I wanna go back to sleep now and just keep dreaming.

(sigh)My knees are starting to weaken. Heaven help me.

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  1. MY GOD! Ikaw talaga.. Pag nabasa toh ng bub mo! Hahahahaha..

    Huy engeng donuts! Hahahaha.. DAMOT! TAKAW!

    Sige, sayo na lahat yan donuts mo.. Akin nalang si ***.. HAHAHAHA!