Murky, Miserable, Worn-out. TOTALLY.

Good thing though, my hair isn't messed up. Thank God they turned out okay. And Bub liked it. Because if THIS was bad... damn. It's going to feel like....the end of the world. MY WORLD.

I'm not exaggerating, but academically speaking, things just keep falling apart. We all feel SO bad about it. Everything's so planned out, people failing this, no OJT this sembreak... geesh. Infuriating. What is happening to the world?...MY WORLD?

Good thing though, I went all the way to school this morning to meet up with my Bubba and help him out with his enrollment. That's my excuse, but all I really wanted to do was to see him, because technically, he's all I needed. And I totally felt idyllic with him. Honestly. He just kept me happy, without even trying. He kept thanking me but I should thank him too. He kept me sane.

I don't want to sound sappy, but Andrew's one of the things that keeps me driven. Ionno. But he does. He makes me look forward...think of the future, because I know he's gonna be there by my side...doing silly things.

I miss him again.

BUB! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. I wish you were with me right now. (sob) We're turning 21 months this coming Monday. We were supposed to have our orientation at ABS-CBN on Monday. Fudge darn it.

Oh well. Drama, drama, drama.

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  1. dnt worry girl, u're not the only one... for sure everybody is going through a rough road as well......
    i wish u luck abbie...