Things I will never comprehend.

1.) MEN. Enough said.


3.) WHY PEOPLE ALWAYS TELL ME THAT I SHOULD GET FAT. Thing is, I'm really confident and happy with my body, and I tell you, I've been doing almost EVERYTHING to get fat, but nothing ever happens. Wala na akong magagawa, this is how I'm built! But you can help me gain a litttttle weight though. It wouldn't hurt. So start leaving your comments wherever! I'd love it if you'd help me out on this.

4.) MY DREAMS. It's so weird that I left my dreamcatcher at the dorms, but then I had the most BEAUTIFUL dream today. It was so long it felt like a full length movie! Feeling ko, buong oras na tulog ako, yun at yun lang yung panaginip ko. It was so good that I woke up all kilig and shit. And yes, it was about the Green Magnet. Holy Crap. Definitely one of those dreams when you wish you just wouldn't wake up. (sigh)

5.) WHY AM I NOT WITH HIM? It's a really bad question but then... why not? I really like him! No, I think I'm falling for him! I think God intended for us to be together instead of... Okay, bub, I'm sorry. (lol!) But really.... why??? (Oh c'mon,'re seriously thinking I mean this?... I do! haha! lol!)

6.) WHY CAN'T I STOP THINKING ABOUT HIM? Okay, okay I'll cut the crap. This is so freakin' silly.

7.) WHAT IS IT WITH "TELL ME WHERE IT HURTS" ? Why do people sing it all the time, why do I hear it on the radio, and why does it keep playing in my freakin' head? I'd rather hear Crazy Frog than that. Seriously. I think he's entertaining. Yeah. Seriously.

8.) WHY I'M STILL BROKE. Oh God, please perform a miracle.... make money rain down in this very room right now.

...oh well. C'est La Vie,Mon Ametie! Did I say that right?


  1. I had SO MUCH FUN!!!! You're one crazy ass b_itch. Hahahahahaha..

    Usapan natin ha? Hahahaha..

    Love you to bits!!!

  2. haha! you crazy biatch! hahaha! oh well, I had fun too! Basta matino yung usapan natin ha....I love love love you Honey! :D