The Zahir.

Yes, write that down. It's topping my list of "Books to read". It's a new Paolo Coelho novel that I can't wait to get my hands on. Probably one of the things that made me so into reading this book is was set in France.

Or better yet, give it to me as an early Christmas present.

I was in Powerbooks the other day, I decided to stop by before I got a ride home. I might read it before I finish reading Marquez's One Hundred Years of Solitude. LOL.

And speaking of France, Paris is definitely THE place I'd visit when I've earned enough money. (Do I know how to do to that?) Anyway, I'd really like to go with Andrew. Probably shop around Champs, and smooch in front of the Eiffel Tower. LOL!



It would look dazzling by night!

I long to walk these streets...

Everything about Paris fascinates me. It's culture,cafés...the Parisian way of dressing up... EVERRRYthing about it. I just can't wait to walk it's sodden streets. I can't wait to breathe Parisian air. I just can't wait.

Can someone take me to Paris...right now?


Yen invited me to a halloween party at the Ayala Alabang Village on the 31st. She says the La Salle Football Varsity will be throwing a par-tay. Hmm. Not bad. If some of the Seventeen finalists will be going, I'm definitely going too. (wink) What's really exciting is that we hafta be in costumes. A costume party...varsity players...not bad! Not bad at all. Plus it's been a long time since I've been on a party.

Here goes the classic (Abbie) question... what am I gonna be? If ever I'll be going, that is.


BUB - HAPPY 21st MONTHSARY! I so hate you for hanging up on me (unintentionally though). But I LOVE YOU for everything else. I'm so happy I'm WITH you. I love love love you so much! Looking forward to more silly (and cantankerous) moments wit ya.

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  1. Hey ate. I just live across Gate 3 in La Salle. Yup, the orange house.:) Wala lang. Hope to see you!:D Just sharing.:D