The many, many things…

Like I always say, even if I’m not physically busy, my mind tends to be über-busy. I’ve been like this even on schooldays. What more this sembreak??? Since I spend most of my days ceiling watching (something Whanggo Gallaga said he would never try doing), I’ve had a lot of time in my hands to simply think of the many things I did, the many things I’ve realized, the many things I want to do, want to have, and never got to experience this sembreak. This is gonna be one pretty long entry. But trust me, it’s going to be fun.


1.) I spent time with Carlos a lot. We practically realized we have the same brain. And I would always enjoy spending time with him. We talk about EVERYTHING! And it feels really good to have another guyfriend who you can feel totally comfortable with, plus the thought that we’ve known each other since we were 5.

At Glorietta.

2.) I got a perm. I was really bored with my hair, and since I’ve always wanted to have wavy hair, I finally got it. And it feels good. A lot of positive attention! (lol!)

I haven't brushed my hair yet!

3.) I was one of the talents for Groupie TV. Howard Yambao got me in. I’ve known him since college, and now that he’s working in GMA, he got me in to be one of the talents for one of Groupie TV’s segments. Groupie TV will be shown on QTV Channel 11 this November. It’s GMA’s sister company now. And if you do see it, I APOLOGIZE. You’ll see why acting has never been an option for me.

I had to kiss Marco on the cheek!

4.) I had more fun with my cousins. It IS a normal thing for us, but this time we actually exaggerated. A little. (lol!)

Obviously cousins, eh?

5.) Chat a LOT with my fellow Seventeen Finalists. It feels good to have met new friends like them! PLUS Chesca Sumilang as well, who was a finalist of the Candy Model Search and does modeling for Seventeen now. And Carissa Francisco, who won the Candy Model Search in 2001 and does modeling for Seventeen now, AND a LOT of people from Multiply! It’s really cool! Yowza!

6.) Camwhore. This is the first time I decided to “document” everything that happened this sembreak in pictures. I uploaded all of them in my multiply account, so if I were you, you’d sign up for one now. Multiply rocks.

Ooo..Happy Halloween!

7.) Sign-up for a Gmail account. (Lol!) I just use Yahoo for “IMing” and back-up. How will I tell everyone not to email me at Hotmail anymore??? Hmm.


1.) OJT. And it sucks. We already paid for an apartment we were going to rent for the sembreak but it didn’t push through. It’s really sad.

Stole this photo from George.LOVE IT!

2.) Guesting at Breakfast. For some reason, it was postponed. But Kris said we’d be having a presscon this month, we’re guessing this is where the awarding and all will be held.

3.) Win Seventeen’s Favorite Model Search. BUT then, Congrations, Camille Cruz! I kinda knew it! (lol!) Goodluck in your new career, and I hope we’d get to work together again sometime in the future. I have a copy of the magazine already and you really look pretty (as always)! I mean all this! Love you, Camz!

Photo courtesy of Seventeen Philippines

4.) Go shopping. YET. I can’t wait. I’m thinking I might go raid I LOVE YOU or MARNI’S ROOM.

5.) Revise our thesis. *&^#%(*@*&$#@*&$!@)_(@$ !!!!

6.) Get a copy of Love in the time of Cholera and The Zahir. Kayo nalang! It’s okay if you don’t wrap it. Thanks, huh!

7.) Go to the Halloween party at the AAV. I saw Yen’s multiply yersterday and looks like she did have fun. Aw. Well as for me, I spent it with Carlos and two of his friends in Greenbelt. It was torture for me. Like always. Window shopping sucks sometimes.


1.) Star in an MTV. Seriously. I’ve only realized this lately. I think it would be fun. I’m no actress, I admit. But I’d like to star in an MTV. So. Yeah.

2.) Pose for Preview. It’s a DREAM of mine to be photographed by Xander Angeles. I love Preview’s classy/über-artistic photos. I consider it my bible. I cannot go through a month without a copy of this magazine. Seriously!

3.) Shop like there’s no tomorrow. It’s been eons since I last did that.

4.) Buy a new gadget. Like a PDA or the Playstation 3 and learn how to play Final Fantasy or something. And of course, Tekken will always be in the picture.

5.) Find a good modeling agency. Because it’s what I plan to do after college. I want to pursue this dream of mine since I was eight. I just want to be known for what I can do, for what I have. And this is it. And never underestimate modeling my dear friends. It’s not as Zoolander as you think.

6.) Have a sport. I’ve always wanted to play Baseball and Football but people always tell me that I’m not fit for it. Probably Tennis or Badminton will do me good. I just hope my right arm doesn’t get bigger than the left.

7.) Try something new. I’ve always been spontaneous. I wanna be that again.


1.) No matter what happens, I will always go back to Andrew. That’s reality, right there.

We'll still be walking a long way together...

2.) Being 19 isn’t very bad. It feels good to be called a woman. Yes, I am a woman.

3.) No, I’m not a woman yet…

4.) I really really really want to go to Paris.

5.) How much I miss highschool. Everything about highschool.

6.) I’m still a crybaby! (Mommmmy!)

7.) Everyone goes through that f*cked up phase of life. I was so stupid to have thought that my existence is useless, that there is no reason for me to be here, that I will end up sad, yada yada. Take my advice : Don’t ever, ever think of taking the knife in your kitchen drawer and the medicines in your first aid kit at these times. No good will come with it. BELIEVE ME.

8.) God never leaves us. We leave him. Think about it.

Life is so beautiful you guys. If I were you, I’d do something unusual, something crazy. I’d do it while I still can. Enjoy life!!! Fall in love! Ride a roller coaster! Publish that book you wrote! Ask someone out for a date! Wear something crazy!



  1. This entry makes me wanna stand up and say..


    For realizing that life IS beautiful..

    And of course..

    For realizing that you will always end up with Andrew, no matter what.. Which means... *ehem* is mine na. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

    Miss you! Mwah! :)

  2. Hi Abbie.

    I like your format of posting lately, it's sort of inspiring me to come up with something like that as well.

    Yes, it's important to appreciate life and stand up for it's beauty. Most importantly, to live in the moment and do things spontaneously!

    Happy sembreak, to what's left of it!

  3. (HONEY) Aw, hey there Bitchy McBitch! (of course, you're MY bitch! hehehe)
    Thanks ha.

    BUT NO! *beep* is still MINE! bwahahahahaha! heehee! :D

    Life IS beautiful, isn't it??? *sigh*

    Mwaaah! Love you Honey. :)

    (GEORGE) Really, I do? Wow! Coming from you, that means a lot! :)

    Yeah, I just realized that lately. How silly of me. But thankfully, it's not too late.

    sige, post ka din! Gooo! hehe!
    Miss you man, enjoy the sembreak too! :)