When pain is worth it...

Andrew Kay Colimbo Bautista... back in second year, he was THE talk of the town. And yeah, I thought he was hot, but I wasn't very interested.

But then I got to know him better. And it's really not hard to not love him. I mean, sure he's gorgeous but once you get to know him better? You'll realize all the physical aspects? That's just a bonus.

Andrew and I didn't start off very well as a couple. He wasn't very serious with me, but I on the other hand was already very into him.

But it all ended with both of us being crazy for each other...and not to mention both very posessive of each other.

I did something wrong, but it was also kind of a misunderstanding.

If I lose him...I wouldn't know what to do.

If I lose him, that's the end for me.

It's something I always want to hear from him...

It was kinduv dark when he wrote this. :)

Andrew and I aren't what you call "The Perfect Couple"... but then I guess we just love each other that much...

No one can love him like I do. No one can hurt him like I do.

I'm sorry Bub...for everything.

But I'll never leave your side. Even if you tell me to go f*ck off.