Something new.

Instead of the typical year ender, I decided to make a new blog. Out of this template.


It's not really done yet.

But then... I'd like to greet you all... A HAPPY NEW YEAR!

My cheesy entry will be posted in my "new" blog. Probably tomorrow.

Please link it up.

Merci Beau Coup!


It's a new year.

So behold.


Before anything else....

... look what I found!

That's ME!

I stole this picture from Mika's multiply, I found out she had pictures of all the models ramping that night. Of course, I'd like to thank Mika's man, Chucho! I love the photo!

As you can see, there's a picture in the background, it's one of the pictures in the exhibit, and in the picture, well it just happens to be Mika, Bubbles and Clara :)

I just love strutting down the catwalk. So much.

And I don't care if you say I'm too short for it, I just love it so damn much!


Year ender coming up!


The best things in life are free...or at least, cheap.

Before anything else, I just wanna greet everybody a MERRY CHRISTMAS! It's not too late for that, you know.

So. I've been so busy lately... one word can explain that : OJT. I am an intern in ABS-CBN... I've been deployed to Sports Report, Sports TV and News Central. I work from 10 AM - 11 PM. I barely get enough sleep because as soon as I get to the apartment, I wake everyone up (ESPECIALLY my "Ew Bedmates", Juno and Pepet. And we end up sleeping at 2 AM. I've been seeing a lot of celebs lately, but the only ones who have really gotten my attention, was SAM MILBY (we're getting married, by the way), KRISTINE HERMOSA and IYA VILLANIA.

It was only through my experiences in ABS-CBN as a trainee that I have realized that no matter how hard I Filipino values will always remain in my system. Which leads to the conclusion... that I will always have the urge to release the inner jolog...and fan in me.

Here are a few pictures I was able to take with celebs:

This was taken in Tim's dressing room before his taping with Cito Beltran.

He was actually so nice (and game) to have a picture taken with me. I actually thought he was gonna give out this star vibe, since he is Tim Yap. But he proved me wrong. It made me BIGGER fan of his. Thanks, Pepet for dragging me into his dressing room. He took the picture. He knows kase that I'm a big fan of Tim's.

Chinggay Andrada is the sweetest.

Unlike most stars, when people introduce you to them as trainees, they're like, "Ew!". But Chinggay isn't one of those types of celebs.

I attended Sports TV's Christmas Party at our EP's (Sir Itos, or Mr. Carlos Valdez, News Central's male anchor, since Mari Kaimo is in the states for a few weeks) house in New Manila. All of Sports TV's hosts were there, except for Beau.

As soon as I got to Ate Maricar, she introduced me to Chinggay who happened to be in the same table as she was. Chinggay was like, "Hey guys!" and then she looked at me and said, "I like your curls! So perky!" and I laughed out loud. Later on, I told Ate Maricar I wanted a picture with her so she called out for Chinggay and Chinggay, who sat at another table at the end of the room stood up, and went to our table and said, "Yes, sweetie?" and I yelled out, "picture!" and she said "Okay!" smiling.

She's not like those other stars who, when having your photo taken with them would make you feel like you have a contagious disease or something, because Chinggay was thisclose to me. After looking at our first picture together (above) she was like, "again!" but the rest of the photos were worse, and after the fourth one, she gave up saying "ah bahala na kayo diyan!" but hilariously, and I ended up taking my seat laughing. She even read George's text to me saying I should go home for the party and she was like, "O,lagot ka! Uwi ka na daw sabi ni George!"

I will always love her. Thanks, Chinggay. You were definitely one of the people who made my Christmas.

And now this...

JE SUIS ELAN, Elan's grand event at the People's Palace at Greenbelt 3 has been one of the highlights of my career. Because this is where I was launched as a MODEL. And not just as any other model, but as an Elan model.

Before I dragged my ass to GB3, I decided to have breakfast at Heaven 'n Eggs in Glorietta 4. And boy,was it delicious. I sat on the swin. Fun.

I got to People's Palace at 9 AM for the rehearsals but not everyone turned up until 12. Bubbles Paraiso was such a fun person. But this is where I got to know Arianna more. Such a sweetie. And a goddess. We talked about our lives over smoothies at Fuzion. Sat on one of the orange beds. She's so freakin' hot... and super daldal. I miss her na. Learned a lot of new words to use from her!

After the rehearsal we had lunch at the Global Cafe, and headed to the New World Rennaisance Hotel just right in front of Greenbelt.

This is where we were all made up, and where most of us changed to Mika's clothing line (Ebony and Ivory). RB did my make-up, she's from M.A.C., and it was actually cool because she remembered me! She often gives me freebies when I shop in M.A.C., as far as I remember natuwa siya saakin because I was 16 when I bought my first Lipglass. And when she asked me what was the last gloss I bought, I said, NARS. And she was in shock, so from then on, whenever I bought from her, she'd give me a moisturizer or something. I love RB!

After she did my make-up she kept "praising" me and telling me I looked like Kimora Lee Simmons ( I was tan that day because I had just bought Model Co.'s Tan Airbrush in a smells so good! Only to find Bubbles spraying it on, too before the show and we talked about it. haha. She talked me into buying the Magic Wand...)

Lord Ramos did my hair. He was "praising" me too. I was so flattered! Lord Ramos calling you HOT? Who wouldn't be?

Everyone was like, "Can we just walk?" and I'd go, "And cause traffic?" (lol). We walked anyway. I had super skimpy shorts. But yeah. I walked anyway.

The show was great. I had a great time. I love being on the catwalk. All the adrenalin rush. I cannot explain it.

The party was definitely hap'nin. Everyone was there. And not to mention, Victor Basa is HOT.

While Drew and I were at the tent, red wine in hand, looking at all the other photos in the exhibit, a few photographers took our picture, and I suddenly felt like Paris Hilton. Seriously. haha. Ang kapal ko, but I felt like someone important! It was great!

Okay, I know you've been waiting for this...

Golda, Ayet, Sygryd and Me all made-up!

Ayet and Me. I look weird.

Syg, Me and Arianna

Syg, Kris and Me

Me and the Goddess

Me and Kris. She's 15. Can you imagine? I love this kid!

Me and Andi. She's soooo pretty!

Wee! one of the pictures in the exhibit. Look for me!

Me and Bubbles at Music 1

Lunch at Global Cafe

So there. I wouldn't be able to update in the next decade.

Or at least when the OJT's over.

I'm so excited about our second anniversary.I cannot believe we've gone this far. Thank you, Lord!

Thank you for EVERYTHING.

I might be working on a yearender thing. I always do that at the end of the year.
The drums will continue playing until the 31st.


Previously on The OC...

...sorry, it's the obsession. My gawd, the next thing you know I'm planning on moving to Orange County. Or or tomorrow I'd wake up and believe that I really am Marissa and... okay, I'll stop.

So okay. This is the entry I promised you guys. It's loaded with pictures too, so you can skip all the "talking" and just look at the pictures if you want. Like I have anything interesting to say. (lol)


I had to leave Dasmarinas at like, 4:45 A.M. so I could be there on time. (Thanks a lot, Kelly!) The boys were really great, we had so much fun. So far, one of the longest interviews we had, and we all got the chance to talk. They even requested that I show off my abs, and I was like, "Hey! This is a morning show!" and they were like, "Oo nga naman, morning show ' we'll just leave that to our imagination.." I was laughing like hell. (lol!)

Kelly went with me to ABS, we both had to get up at 4 A.M.! Plus Bub, of course.

You guys have no idea, but I owe so much to this girl. I love her!!!


It really looked like a storm passed by with us around. Lora was so cool fixing everything up. It was quite weird though, walking around the store wearing a top and a skirt that doesn't match (sometimes Lora just wants to see how a top looks on get it) and people just walking around.

Why not? These two girls LOVE the camera!

I really do LOVE Yen so much! :D

And I ended up with a really hot corset! PLUS I really wanted to buy that skirt I was wearing.


I had to skip two major classes for this event! Yeah, so what's new? I'm like Mischa Barton you know, I can't skip work because it's a lot of fun! (forgive me! lol!) So Yen and I planned on meeting up for lunch, turns out as I got to Metrowalk, Lorelie texted us to head to Capisce for the rehearsal. Thankfully, they trusted us so much that we didn't rehearse THAT long. And then we had lunch, and finally... got to make-up. There was this backstage incident that happened between me and "somebody" (no, not one of the finalists) but I'd rather not talk about that (I did though, in my Multiply journal). The show was fun. No, it was a BLAST! It felt like everybody was there, MTV, GMA, ABS-CBN... As far as I remember, we were interviewed by Cinema One, Startalk, ETK, Wazzup, Get Spotted... Thing is though, with that interview with Wazzup, what really didn't go well was when they asked me, "How old are you?" And I go like, "19". And he says, "But this is the Seventeen Favorite Model Search, how did that happen?" And I'm like," That's not the point" and laughed. STUPID. I actually forgot it was Wazzup and that you're not supposed to take everything seriously! (lol!)

We definitely had a blast!

Everybody LOVES Camille! Yowza!

People who believed in me : The Eds! Monica, Tata, Me and Mia! Wee!!

This girl is SO hot. Really.

OMG, It's Kat Dy! She rocks.

If there's one word to describe her, it HAS to be bubbly. I love Mariel!

You have to master the POKER FACE!

We had to wear contacts though. It was really hard for me. But now I'm addicted to them, so I'm buying one in gray! (Thank you, Freshlook!) Another cool thing is that we get free Shiseido goodies. I got a free sunblock and a maquillage lipstick. Claude is so lucky, she got like, 40,000 pesos worth of Shiseido make-up! Whoa.

ELAN PHOTO SHOOT (Ronnie Salvacion)

One of the things I love about modeling is that we get to work with really great and talented people. Ronnie Salvacion is like, one of the top fashion photographers, so you can imagine how excited I was when I was informed that he would be our photographer.

Goooood morning!

I love it when Photographers make you feel at ease....

Cham is so adorable.

His studio rocks,too.

This was also the first time I met Mika, who is REALLY nice!


I was really psyched at first, thinking that Xander Angeles would be our photographer. But Alex said he was booked that day. But then it was still cool to be in his studio. Hey, not every Xander Angeles fan gets to be in his studio. Right?

I so love my make-up. Thanks, Claire!

Cathy? Man, she's hot.

I met Cathy, Happy, Julie, Tanya (these girls you'll find in Elan's official website) and Sy-Kat Couture owner, Katrina Sy. They're all cool girls! Julie, I wasn't able to talk to very long since she had to leave early for a photo shoot and too bad I didn't have a picture taken with her 'coz I was shy. Yeah, I can be bashful like that.


OMG. I have the biggest crush on Ryan Agoncillo since his Talk TV days. I came up to a point believing that I was going to marry him! Yeah, okay you can laugh your ass off now. But at least my dream of meeting him did come true, and he is SO nice! So nice. I will never forget how nice he is. And I can see how happy he is with Judy Ann. The fact that he talks about her and brags that he's happy now. Congratulations, Ryan!

Fugly Me.

Roxy is SO nice!

You CANNOT imagine how I TRULY felt at this moment.

I heard that Y Speak will be coming to our school next year. I hope he still remember me.


This was the second time we got to work with Sara. And as she got to the studio, she said hi and she looked at me and said, "Hey, parang I know you. Have I shot you na?" and I was like," Yeah!" (all smiles). It was so cool of her to remember me.

Camz, thanks for being so sweet!

Zuv is my fcukstain too, whether you like it or not.

The second time isn't so bad. In fact, better!

Yes, THE Xeng Zulueta! She is SO cool!

What I like about Sara is she has that " what you see is what you get " vibe. She just has so much ease that makes you feel comfortable working with her. It's nice because she made us feel like she's known us for a long time and how she makes kwento and all that. She's so funny, we all just crack up!

Thanks a lot, Sara. You're one of the best!

And how can I forget, one of the highlights of the day : Xeng Zulueta. Yes. THE Xeng Zulueta of Shu Uemura did my make-up. She complimented my skin and told me to take good care of it. She even gave me some make-up tips! Yee! I hope I'd get to work with her again. I hope she doesn't think that she looks awful without make-up. Because I really though Xeng was gorgeous, and I'm not just saying that.

I had to wipe the drool off my face when she showed us Shu's collection for Fall next year. Oh! Those pallettes. I have to stop, I'm drooling again.


I heard BIG hair is making a comeback!

Bub gave it to me as a gift.


My parents got me THE i-mate palmtop slash phone! It was a surprise. Yeah my parents are so fond of surprises! There's the P900, the digital Nikon SLR, The Creative portable media centre, the laptop, the.... OMG, I'm not boasting, but my parents are just...they love surprising me.

My new baby!

Haha. So fond of it.

And now this, guys. When I opened the box, I was like, " OMG, You gotta be kidding me..." when I called Pop he was laughing so hard. He's so sweet. Thanks Pop, for passing on your love for gadgets to me. (lol!) I did get it from him, though.

Hope you enjoyed reading this...

So yeah, that's about it. And now I leave you with....


I wish.


BIG news coming up.

But you hafta wait 'til I'm all done with the piled up crap I have to clean up.

I'm REALLY disappointed with Season Two, I swear. I've been so affected, because everything is actually SO complicated. I mean, I thought my life was complicated but their lives are like way too... *whistles*. Oh well. Suddenly I wanted everything around me to be complicated too.

And then there's always wishing that someone would turn out to be like Ryan. (lol!)Oh well.

Will update everything that happened since the Presscon. I figured not all people signed up for Multiply yet, so I guess it would be great if I updated and uploaded my pictures here too. You have to wait for that.

Oh and I figured out the BEST Christmas gift ever! I know I already have one right here in my hands but (will tell you about that soon, too) I still think this would top it all off:

At the same time you can register for me too. Email address is ABBIEALMASCO@GMAIL.COM

I really appreciate it. Thanks, yo!

Okay, so I gotta get back to daydreaming that I live in Orange County. And that I'm actually Marissa.

Don't you just hate it though when she's all rebelious? She turns out to be really stupid. But heck, I love her.

I so cannot wait. Is Season Three out already? ... Or uhm... Is there a Season Three?

*Bats eyes*


Please tell me this isn't happening...

...because it's been SO long since I was last INTO something this much.
Trust me though, it's nothing big. It's just that... I'm addicted.

And I don't think there's an easy way to get me out of this.
I didn't sleep, all I did was...take it all in. Absorbing everything, getting high and all that crap.

But then what I'm really angry about is this:
Sh*t, it is like THE HOTTEST SHOW ever! I mean, okay... Sex and the City will always be my bestfriend, my substitute for Ice Cream...but this is something. And can I just say, how much I could TOTALLY relate to Marissa? Hello??? At one point in my life I believed I needed a shrink. (lol)

Seriously though. It kept me up. I bought the first two seasons in DVD, and it kept me up all night! I started at like, 9 P.M. and ended up watching it like 8 A.M. or something. It was so cool! I mean, the only time that I get to move is when I have to change the cd or laugh or whenever I get kilig or something.

I was literally FALLING asleep in class while I was writing down notes for Cross Cultural. I even skipped my Filipino class for it! Gawd, people.

I'm sorry, I'm just so....happy.
Benjamin McKenzie is so hot. Sometimes he reminds me of Andrew. He can be scary, too.

Oh well. I finished watching like, 5 CD's in one sitting. I wonder what I'm going to be up to on Thursday. Hmm. (lol!)