The best things in life are free...or at least, cheap.

Before anything else, I just wanna greet everybody a MERRY CHRISTMAS! It's not too late for that, you know.

So. I've been so busy lately... one word can explain that : OJT. I am an intern in ABS-CBN... I've been deployed to Sports Report, Sports TV and News Central. I work from 10 AM - 11 PM. I barely get enough sleep because as soon as I get to the apartment, I wake everyone up (ESPECIALLY my "Ew Bedmates", Juno and Pepet. And we end up sleeping at 2 AM. I've been seeing a lot of celebs lately, but the only ones who have really gotten my attention, was SAM MILBY (we're getting married, by the way), KRISTINE HERMOSA and IYA VILLANIA.

It was only through my experiences in ABS-CBN as a trainee that I have realized that no matter how hard I Filipino values will always remain in my system. Which leads to the conclusion... that I will always have the urge to release the inner jolog...and fan in me.

Here are a few pictures I was able to take with celebs:

This was taken in Tim's dressing room before his taping with Cito Beltran.

He was actually so nice (and game) to have a picture taken with me. I actually thought he was gonna give out this star vibe, since he is Tim Yap. But he proved me wrong. It made me BIGGER fan of his. Thanks, Pepet for dragging me into his dressing room. He took the picture. He knows kase that I'm a big fan of Tim's.

Chinggay Andrada is the sweetest.

Unlike most stars, when people introduce you to them as trainees, they're like, "Ew!". But Chinggay isn't one of those types of celebs.

I attended Sports TV's Christmas Party at our EP's (Sir Itos, or Mr. Carlos Valdez, News Central's male anchor, since Mari Kaimo is in the states for a few weeks) house in New Manila. All of Sports TV's hosts were there, except for Beau.

As soon as I got to Ate Maricar, she introduced me to Chinggay who happened to be in the same table as she was. Chinggay was like, "Hey guys!" and then she looked at me and said, "I like your curls! So perky!" and I laughed out loud. Later on, I told Ate Maricar I wanted a picture with her so she called out for Chinggay and Chinggay, who sat at another table at the end of the room stood up, and went to our table and said, "Yes, sweetie?" and I yelled out, "picture!" and she said "Okay!" smiling.

She's not like those other stars who, when having your photo taken with them would make you feel like you have a contagious disease or something, because Chinggay was thisclose to me. After looking at our first picture together (above) she was like, "again!" but the rest of the photos were worse, and after the fourth one, she gave up saying "ah bahala na kayo diyan!" but hilariously, and I ended up taking my seat laughing. She even read George's text to me saying I should go home for the party and she was like, "O,lagot ka! Uwi ka na daw sabi ni George!"

I will always love her. Thanks, Chinggay. You were definitely one of the people who made my Christmas.

And now this...

JE SUIS ELAN, Elan's grand event at the People's Palace at Greenbelt 3 has been one of the highlights of my career. Because this is where I was launched as a MODEL. And not just as any other model, but as an Elan model.

Before I dragged my ass to GB3, I decided to have breakfast at Heaven 'n Eggs in Glorietta 4. And boy,was it delicious. I sat on the swin. Fun.

I got to People's Palace at 9 AM for the rehearsals but not everyone turned up until 12. Bubbles Paraiso was such a fun person. But this is where I got to know Arianna more. Such a sweetie. And a goddess. We talked about our lives over smoothies at Fuzion. Sat on one of the orange beds. She's so freakin' hot... and super daldal. I miss her na. Learned a lot of new words to use from her!

After the rehearsal we had lunch at the Global Cafe, and headed to the New World Rennaisance Hotel just right in front of Greenbelt.

This is where we were all made up, and where most of us changed to Mika's clothing line (Ebony and Ivory). RB did my make-up, she's from M.A.C., and it was actually cool because she remembered me! She often gives me freebies when I shop in M.A.C., as far as I remember natuwa siya saakin because I was 16 when I bought my first Lipglass. And when she asked me what was the last gloss I bought, I said, NARS. And she was in shock, so from then on, whenever I bought from her, she'd give me a moisturizer or something. I love RB!

After she did my make-up she kept "praising" me and telling me I looked like Kimora Lee Simmons ( I was tan that day because I had just bought Model Co.'s Tan Airbrush in a smells so good! Only to find Bubbles spraying it on, too before the show and we talked about it. haha. She talked me into buying the Magic Wand...)

Lord Ramos did my hair. He was "praising" me too. I was so flattered! Lord Ramos calling you HOT? Who wouldn't be?

Everyone was like, "Can we just walk?" and I'd go, "And cause traffic?" (lol). We walked anyway. I had super skimpy shorts. But yeah. I walked anyway.

The show was great. I had a great time. I love being on the catwalk. All the adrenalin rush. I cannot explain it.

The party was definitely hap'nin. Everyone was there. And not to mention, Victor Basa is HOT.

While Drew and I were at the tent, red wine in hand, looking at all the other photos in the exhibit, a few photographers took our picture, and I suddenly felt like Paris Hilton. Seriously. haha. Ang kapal ko, but I felt like someone important! It was great!

Okay, I know you've been waiting for this...

Golda, Ayet, Sygryd and Me all made-up!

Ayet and Me. I look weird.

Syg, Me and Arianna

Syg, Kris and Me

Me and the Goddess

Me and Kris. She's 15. Can you imagine? I love this kid!

Me and Andi. She's soooo pretty!

Wee! one of the pictures in the exhibit. Look for me!

Me and Bubbles at Music 1

Lunch at Global Cafe

So there. I wouldn't be able to update in the next decade.

Or at least when the OJT's over.

I'm so excited about our second anniversary.I cannot believe we've gone this far. Thank you, Lord!

Thank you for EVERYTHING.

I might be working on a yearender thing. I always do that at the end of the year.
The drums will continue playing until the 31st.


  1. My my my.. Look at you now.. HINDI KA NA MA-REACH! Hahaha.. :)

    I'm so happy for you, Abbie.. :)

    Especially cuz you STILL got to meet Tim Yap first before I did. Haha. I ended up missing the fashion thingie in Absinth cuz of school.

    Anyway.. I MISHUUUUU! And goodluck with everything. Dont forget us little people when you've finally made your way into the catwalks of.. Paris! Hehehe.

    Love ya!

  2. HONEY! What the... haha! no, it's not like that Honey, whatchatokin'bowt? hmm? :D

    You were never LITTLE to me.

    LOVE YOU! and MISS YOU..

    ...I'm happy for you too, Hon. :*