BIG news coming up.

But you hafta wait 'til I'm all done with the piled up crap I have to clean up.

I'm REALLY disappointed with Season Two, I swear. I've been so affected, because everything is actually SO complicated. I mean, I thought my life was complicated but their lives are like way too... *whistles*. Oh well. Suddenly I wanted everything around me to be complicated too.

And then there's always wishing that someone would turn out to be like Ryan. (lol!)Oh well.

Will update everything that happened since the Presscon. I figured not all people signed up for Multiply yet, so I guess it would be great if I updated and uploaded my pictures here too. You have to wait for that.

Oh and I figured out the BEST Christmas gift ever! I know I already have one right here in my hands but (will tell you about that soon, too) I still think this would top it all off:

At the same time you can register for me too. Email address is ABBIEALMASCO@GMAIL.COM

I really appreciate it. Thanks, yo!

Okay, so I gotta get back to daydreaming that I live in Orange County. And that I'm actually Marissa.

Don't you just hate it though when she's all rebelious? She turns out to be really stupid. But heck, I love her.

I so cannot wait. Is Season Three out already? ... Or uhm... Is there a Season Three?

*Bats eyes*