Please tell me this isn't happening...

...because it's been SO long since I was last INTO something this much.
Trust me though, it's nothing big. It's just that... I'm addicted.

And I don't think there's an easy way to get me out of this.
I didn't sleep, all I did was...take it all in. Absorbing everything, getting high and all that crap.

But then what I'm really angry about is this:
Sh*t, it is like THE HOTTEST SHOW ever! I mean, okay... Sex and the City will always be my bestfriend, my substitute for Ice Cream...but this is something. And can I just say, how much I could TOTALLY relate to Marissa? Hello??? At one point in my life I believed I needed a shrink. (lol)

Seriously though. It kept me up. I bought the first two seasons in DVD, and it kept me up all night! I started at like, 9 P.M. and ended up watching it like 8 A.M. or something. It was so cool! I mean, the only time that I get to move is when I have to change the cd or laugh or whenever I get kilig or something.

I was literally FALLING asleep in class while I was writing down notes for Cross Cultural. I even skipped my Filipino class for it! Gawd, people.

I'm sorry, I'm just so....happy.
Benjamin McKenzie is so hot. Sometimes he reminds me of Andrew. He can be scary, too.

Oh well. I finished watching like, 5 CD's in one sitting. I wonder what I'm going to be up to on Thursday. Hmm. (lol!)


  1. hi abbie.Ü i can so relate. i've been addicted myself. hehe. to 24! just sharing. hope you're doing great.

  2. (RUSS) Hey Girl! It's been a long time! haha. You like 24, eh? Cool! Ako SATC fan talaga ako, I mean, I will always love it. But the O.C.? DAMN! haha!