Erratumatory Reporatory.


I went through a LOT to get a copy of the PDI today (note: It was past 12 so I had to DIG to find one. lol)

Unfortunately, it didn't come out today as expected. I guess I'll have to update on when as soon as Biancs texts me.

I saw a picture of Malik, Maya and Ja today in Maya's friendster account.
Boy do I miss that guy. But I wouldn't mean that in any other way. I just.. I miss him! Hope we all get to see him soon, we have a lot of catching up to do.

But then... TIME WILL TELL... when we're going to see each other again... or... whatever.

But until that day comes, I can't wait.

I can't wait for whatever.

I'll catch up with you guys next time.


Ube lang ng Ube!

Today, my dorm mate Upper and I were naturally high (actually, last night).
I was so craving for Halaya when something struck her.

"Tara, Tagaytay tayo!" she screams.

And with me being the spontaneous brat that I am, without hesitation, replied with:

And so we did. We both got up at 4:45 A.M., and got ready for our road trip. We had planned on tagging Andrew and his dorm mate Dong along (it rhymes! cool), but unfortunately, the only motion they did was to turn their alarms off and head back to Never Never Land.

So, it was just Upper and I, but that didn't keep us from being all jumpy about the whole thing.

There we 5 something A.M. And it felt great!

We had planned to:

1.) Buy Halaya (I didn't care if it took me to dig for it, I just want some)!

2.) Drop by Ilog Maria, where we intend to get our hands on their goodies (Yes, the ones featured in F and Cosmopolitan Magazine).

3.) Have Breakfast (of course this tops the list of things to do. Heehee).

And boy, did we do all three. And we couldn't be happier.

So, what did I do today you ask?

*I had four hours of sleep.
*Right after Upper dropped me off at the dorms, I took a shower.
*Headed to Cinema Nicotine.
*Watched three films.
*Shower, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and Boogie Nights (this movie rocks).
*Was late for the Fashion Exposure rehearsal.
*And currently surfing the net again, after a decade of not making any contact with technology, except for my baby... the mobile phone/pda/techie wonder.

I will be hosting two things on Thursday:
The Fashion Exposure
...and will be introducing Director Nick de Ocampo

Quite excited about these two activities. Hey, it is Lasallian Week. Feel the hype yet?


So there. Open house tomorrow, which means: More cleaning for me. And NO MORE PIZZA PARTIES, please?!

Our stomachs need something else.

God Bless us all.


I might write an update about the shoots (for Seventeen and PDI) with pictures.
Might. Soon.
It might take a while.



Thank you Lord for everything.

See, I told you as long as you put everything in God's hands...

Watch out for Inquirer's Friday issue and Seventeen's April Ish. Will update more on that.

I just came from Tata's house in Ayala Alabang for the shoot. I'm at the Town right now, skipped two of my major classes. Good thing I don't have any on Saturday or else I could like, feel so guilty about it. I'm excited I'll be working with Sara and Bianca again!

I might just sip a Passion Iced Tea or something, then head home.

Damn, I need some sleep. Today was fun. Wish I'd see those girls again.

Can't stay online too long though. Sad.

I couldn't collect any more stickers. I don't really like Peppermint Mocha.... Goodbye Starbucks Planner.

Anyways... Wee! Thank God for everything.

Last night I watched a few of our high school videos and I fell asleep reminiscing about everything that happened then. How clueless we all were, how shallow and serious we all were then. How the little things can make us happy.

I also wished that I was able to see things clearly. I wish I treated people better. I wish I was able to show people how I really treasured them and loved them. I wish I wasn't so uptight. Then maybe things would've been better. Things would've made more sense.

Oh well, you sure can't cry over spilled milk. But there were just so many things I wish I was able to do.

I bet Maya knows what I'm talking about (if she ever reads this). In a way I'm glad because despite of everything that happened, we're still in each other's lives. But I sure do miss that person so much. Time will come and things will be better - and right.

Reminiscing can do so much, eh?

Okay guys, another boring entry! (lol)

Try to be back soon.


The New Year's Resolutions that never happen.

Okay, I got so envious of all my friends who blogged about their NYRs. I thought that since I never get to do them, I won't blog about them anymore.

But... okay, here it is. (lol) NYRs, Abbie Style.

I decided to divide them into the things I want to do and the things I want to happen...

1.)I will get bigger thighs, bigger hips...and a bigger bum (not that I don't have a big bum, I just want it bigger. lol!)...and a smaller waist.

2.) Hence, I will eat more french fries.


1.) Get a project already so I can finally earn money!

2.) Have more exposures this year.

3.) Ryan and Marissa's lovelife to be less complicated (but I think that's what made me hooked with watching it 24/7)

...actually that's all I could think of. I might just update on that soon (lol)

I'm just so happy that I finally found that song I've been looking for forever...

Aqualung's "Strange and Beautiful".


Okay, I'll go work on my thesis now. It's going to be a long time before I ever get to blog again. But... you guys stick around.


I wish King Kong lived.

And then everyone can throw a party. Whatever.

So long to the first day of New Year. And I have bummed around...bum as much as I want. Because tomorrow is going to be another tough day... in ABS. Work, work, work!

So, in the spirit of celebration of the New Years, lookie what I made...

This year hasn't been the easiest for me. There were tougher times. Tougher than the usual that I believed I even ended up losing my mind at some point.

But then I would always turn to God, even when it's too late...even when I've already done something really bad.

As what Ricci Chan said that episode we were in at Y Speak, .."Always think that you are NEVER alone." It might be quite hard in my case since there are times when I need my parents to be around but aren't here physically (since they're still abroad), there's always God to lean on spiritually.

Just imagine that you're talking to him, crying your eyes out, hugging him... It helps big time. Go ahead, try it when you're down. It never failed me. Although at times it felt like I still needed someone to really be there, it helps me calm down.

Just..that's it. Just think about God.

In everything that you do this year, think about God. Put it in his hands.

I started the year with trying to call Andrew up like 40 times before he picked up, and I ended it with a prayer.

Pray for everything that you want done this year. Pray that He guides you in everything that you do.

He'll never leave you. Ever.

I'm looking forward to this year. It feels like things will turn out right. BETTER.
I pray so.

Happy New Years, y'all.