I wish King Kong lived.

And then everyone can throw a party. Whatever.

So long to the first day of New Year. And I have bummed around...bum as much as I want. Because tomorrow is going to be another tough day... in ABS. Work, work, work!

So, in the spirit of celebration of the New Years, lookie what I made...

This year hasn't been the easiest for me. There were tougher times. Tougher than the usual that I believed I even ended up losing my mind at some point.

But then I would always turn to God, even when it's too late...even when I've already done something really bad.

As what Ricci Chan said that episode we were in at Y Speak, .."Always think that you are NEVER alone." It might be quite hard in my case since there are times when I need my parents to be around but aren't here physically (since they're still abroad), there's always God to lean on spiritually.

Just imagine that you're talking to him, crying your eyes out, hugging him... It helps big time. Go ahead, try it when you're down. It never failed me. Although at times it felt like I still needed someone to really be there, it helps me calm down.

Just..that's it. Just think about God.

In everything that you do this year, think about God. Put it in his hands.

I started the year with trying to call Andrew up like 40 times before he picked up, and I ended it with a prayer.

Pray for everything that you want done this year. Pray that He guides you in everything that you do.

He'll never leave you. Ever.

I'm looking forward to this year. It feels like things will turn out right. BETTER.
I pray so.

Happy New Years, y'all.


  1. I get through heartbreaks because of prayers. It's inexplicable, but praying and talking to God really releases so much load off your shoulders, diba?

    Cheers to a happy 2006. :)

  2. Hey Kiara! :) Yeah it really does help. Sometimes I forget about that. :(

    May you have a FRUITFUL year ahead!

    I'll link you up! :)