Thank you Lord for everything.

See, I told you as long as you put everything in God's hands...

Watch out for Inquirer's Friday issue and Seventeen's April Ish. Will update more on that.

I just came from Tata's house in Ayala Alabang for the shoot. I'm at the Town right now, skipped two of my major classes. Good thing I don't have any on Saturday or else I could like, feel so guilty about it. I'm excited I'll be working with Sara and Bianca again!

I might just sip a Passion Iced Tea or something, then head home.

Damn, I need some sleep. Today was fun. Wish I'd see those girls again.

Can't stay online too long though. Sad.

I couldn't collect any more stickers. I don't really like Peppermint Mocha.... Goodbye Starbucks Planner.

Anyways... Wee! Thank God for everything.

Last night I watched a few of our high school videos and I fell asleep reminiscing about everything that happened then. How clueless we all were, how shallow and serious we all were then. How the little things can make us happy.

I also wished that I was able to see things clearly. I wish I treated people better. I wish I was able to show people how I really treasured them and loved them. I wish I wasn't so uptight. Then maybe things would've been better. Things would've made more sense.

Oh well, you sure can't cry over spilled milk. But there were just so many things I wish I was able to do.

I bet Maya knows what I'm talking about (if she ever reads this). In a way I'm glad because despite of everything that happened, we're still in each other's lives. But I sure do miss that person so much. Time will come and things will be better - and right.

Reminiscing can do so much, eh?

Okay guys, another boring entry! (lol)

Try to be back soon.