Ube lang ng Ube!

Today, my dorm mate Upper and I were naturally high (actually, last night).
I was so craving for Halaya when something struck her.

"Tara, Tagaytay tayo!" she screams.

And with me being the spontaneous brat that I am, without hesitation, replied with:

And so we did. We both got up at 4:45 A.M., and got ready for our road trip. We had planned on tagging Andrew and his dorm mate Dong along (it rhymes! cool), but unfortunately, the only motion they did was to turn their alarms off and head back to Never Never Land.

So, it was just Upper and I, but that didn't keep us from being all jumpy about the whole thing.

There we go...at 5 something A.M. And it felt great!

We had planned to:

1.) Buy Halaya (I didn't care if it took me to dig for it, I just want some)!

2.) Drop by Ilog Maria, where we intend to get our hands on their goodies (Yes, the ones featured in F and Cosmopolitan Magazine).

3.) Have Breakfast (of course this tops the list of things to do. Heehee).

And boy, did we do all three. And we couldn't be happier.

So, what did I do today you ask?

*I had four hours of sleep.
*Right after Upper dropped me off at the dorms, I took a shower.
*Headed to Cinema Nicotine.
*Watched three films.
*Shower, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, and Boogie Nights (this movie rocks).
*Was late for the Fashion Exposure rehearsal.
*And currently surfing the net again, after a decade of not making any contact with technology, except for my baby... the mobile phone/pda/techie wonder.

I will be hosting two things on Thursday:
The Fashion Exposure
...and will be introducing Director Nick de Ocampo

Quite excited about these two activities. Hey, it is Lasallian Week. Feel the hype yet?


So there. Open house tomorrow, which means: More cleaning for me. And NO MORE PIZZA PARTIES, please?!

Our stomachs need something else.

God Bless us all.


I might write an update about the shoots (for Seventeen and PDI) with pictures.
Might. Soon.
It might take a while.


  1. i remember a similar experience. it was i believe a wednesday afternoon, and one of us wanted to go to tagaytay too. nagkayayaan, kj ang hindi sumama. so we went there and hell enjoyed the night!

    bottomline: it is uber wonderful to be spontaneous. =]

  2. hi abbie!Ü
    got it. inquirer on the 27th. will get one. hope you're all good.Ü

  3. NIZORAL - cool name :) haha. Ang saya diba? I hate it kase when everything's planned out. Ang boring. Being spontaneous totally ROCKS! I'm with you! Haha! :D

    I'm still munching on Halayang Ube right now. I love those things. So... irresistably scrumptious.


    RUSS - OMG, so sorry I wasn't able to inform you guys earlier :( I didn't know it din until today na hindi siya ngayon ilalabas :( boohoo.

    Then I hope you're doing good too. Take care, sweetie.