All that.

Whoo. Been doing a lot recently, and I totally love it.

Okay... so what's up?...

Andrew and I celebrated V-day at Greenbelt. We decided to do the usual, and jam in with all those couples who had the exact same thoughts as ours. We tried to get in Kitchen and Recipes but it was full. So we ended up eating at MyLK. It was pretty good. There was nothing special about that night, except that Andrew and I were a lot more cheesy than the usual, and trust me, you wouldn't want to hear it. But I love him so much. Thanks, Bub.

I realized then and there that we weren't the type of couple who'd go to fancy candlelit dinners and act all sophisticated people.

Not that we aren't, but... when it comes to celebrating things like this, Andrew and I are definitely the type of couple who'd love to celebrate "in". Where things are more intimate, where we're focused on nothing else but each other.

Plus I told him that we could've been staying in the couch, all curled up to each other, watching DVDs with the lights off and pigging out on almost every food that comes to mind.

But that night, we ate sandwiches with our forks. And it was okay. Sometimes we have to put ourselves out there. I want intimacy, but I don't want to kill my social life.

Today, I just came from a shoot for Seventeen.

Guess who our photographer was? Yes, it was Sara Black. I'm so happy whenever she shoots because she's so hilarious. I love her humor, and the way she talks! Plus I'm really comfortable with her already. When I took a picture with her, she was like, "Bago nanaman yan! Ikaw talaga ang dami mong gadgets!" Heehee.

I was with two other models, Chrizenda and Vince (If I'm not mistaken, Vince was part of the Cosmopolitan Bachelors. He has a HOT bod. No kidding.)

Jigs Mayuga of Shu Uemura did my make-up, he was so nice! We just kept chatting with each other. Jigs, you rock.

Thanks a lot Cindy Go, for booking me... and Tata for giving Cindy my number!Wee.

I was so excited because it was my first location shoot and fashion ed. I've always wanted to do Fashion eds. Watch out for it this May. The first one I did will come out on April.

Totally exciting.

I will upload pictures soon.

Yes I am aware I said that for the nth time.

I think there's more to say. But, there's so little time. Geesh.

WATCH MUNICH, guys. Andrew and I saw it last Sunday, and I loved it. It's topping my list of favorite flicks as of the moment. But I'm waiting for Memoirs and Da Vinci. I hope they don't take out any of the parts from the book. It's gonna be another Harry Potter flick.

Oh well, Olshmulsh.