I don't give a BOGOF!

Lol. It would sound really cool as an expression. But actually, it isn't. It's an acronym for...*pampampaaaa*.... Buy One Get One Free!! Your ears would probably clap non-stop, especially when you hear that it's from TOPSHOP.

Topshop's Alabang branch is having one, or is it all of the Topshop branches? I signed up for updates, so they'd text me whenever there's something new or whatever. So when they texted me about the BOGOF. I went. And I bought.

Andrew paid for it though. Heehee. Will pay you back, Bub! In a million light years!...kidding.

Oh well. I heard WALLIS just opened in Shang. I used to have clothes from Wallis, Max Mara and them. Where are they nga pala? Oh yeah...still in Jeddah. Grr.

As much as I want to leave the retail shopping behind, I can't. TopShop, Mango and Zara goodies are all too YUMMY, I wouldn't care if half of the female population purchased the same outfit as mine. Lol.

Okay, so that's that.

Gotta finish that freakin' ADMAN proposal.


  1. Hey B, Mango, D&G, LV, Prada and other shops here are having a (winter-spring) sale.

    Wish you were here? :D

    I changed blog again. Its iomangiocavolo.wordpress.com

    See ya!

  2. JAY you idiot. Why tease me? Better send me some LOVE from Prada, dude! Haha :D

    Oh c'mon... sale nga eh. KJ mo naman. I bet your ass you have money to buy some! haha!