" I want a Fendi Spy Bag. "

After I took one (crushed) sleeping pill, I woke up with this thought.

Thanks to OK! Magazine. I really had to feed on gossip, so I bought the magazine anyway. And then I saw Nicole Ritchie with the Spy Bag... and Paris Hilton..and Hilary Duff... so... I WANT ONE! Grr. Because it's one hot bag. I wanted Balenciaga's Motorcycle bag too even if you say "it's so last season"... who cares!

So there. I've been salivating on bags for the longest time. First was Chanel's quilted chain bag. And then Fendi's Spy Bag...

I was in dire of finding one ( a chain quilted bag ), so I texted Kat Dy, and she texted me that I should check out Dorothy Perkins and Felicity.

So when I had time, I headed to Shangri-La. BUT I only checked out Felicity (my new favorite store. I finally know where I could buy THORNBY sandals!) Anyway, there's lots of time to go back there. I think Shangri-La is a great mall. Walang masyadong tao!

I was able to claim my cheque from 17. At last. And then I went....shoppping! What else? Lol.

I told Mum I'll be shopping again before school starts next semester (I'm graduating on October, remember?) then I'm thinking of something new to do with my hair. :-)

I want Platform shooooes!!!!

... but then what is going on with the world?... I hope this will all be over soon.(sabay segway....lol!)

So there. Wala na akong masabi. Hmp.

I can't wait 'til Preview's March Issue comes out!