Living by the words of Mraz.

"Sleep all,sleep all day...sleep all, sleep all day.."

It's the best.

Anyways, we just finished watching DERAILED. It was quite disturbing at first but then... well, I say the movie rocks. Watch it, creeps!

Oh and Arianna has a poser! What's new with that right? I mean, she's so freakin' HOT, it wouldn't come as a shock to me. I found out 'cause this poser had the nerve to check my multiply account. I think her Multiply I.D. is Sazzee. Arianna's like, EW! (LOL)

Oh well, nothing much to say..Life is pretty much the same.

Bobby looked for on that Saturday when I was absent. Will post pictures of me with the Sports TV people on my Multiply soon.

Chinggay was like, "Hey cutie!" and touches my face again. She's so adorable. And ho

I really can't wait 'til Memoirs of a Geisha, MI:3 and The Da Vinci Code comes out.

PLUS I also can't wait until BIG TIME gets to be shown. You guys should watch that movie too, it really rocks! It's one of my favorite movies, actually.

So there.



  1. i really am not a fan of the book, but seeing audrey tautou in the film makes me want to see it.

    ako naman, i'm waiting for brokeback mountain. hay.

  2. Waaah! Saw it na. Don't ask how. Heehee! *wink*

    It IS a must-see. I wish I waited for it nalang to come out next week. Nagsisi talaga ako, 'cause great movies like that are supposed to be watched in the big screen talaga. Haay. :)

  3. oh my. i should've watched derailed instead of proof last sunday....

  4. OMG Russ. Please don't tell me that Proof sucked.

    I can't wait to watch MUNICH! waaah!

    I saw Brokeback Mountain na. You can figure out how. Heehee! :)

  5. Arianna really has lots of posers. Haha.

    Can't wait for MOAG! Zhang Zi Yi is hotnessssss! :D

  6. Yes, she does Cheks. Just like you. Well, I always say...ganyan talaga pag DIYOSA ;)

    Hey, I really hope I get to work with you soon!

    God Bless! :)

    Me too. I love her! Have you read the book too?