BEACH FEVER...tenenen!

Jeez. I know I've always wanted to live in the beach but I guess too much of it can lead you getting...sick.

I was sick last night, but I think I will be again.

So let me summarize this...

Two days ago, my friends and I headed to The Land of El Cheapo, a.k.a. Puerto Galera. It's the best (well not really) place to spend three days of freedom from... the world.

Before that I stopped by the Town to grab some stuff....Havies (it was a tough decision as always on which one to get)...Topshop undies,Aviator shades,a new swimsuit and a dress...and I felt like I was so ready to go.

So we did spend three days and two nights having fun (kahit sobrang bitin), I got home at 6 today and at 12 (which is an hour away, by the way...oh cool they rhyme), I will be dragging my ass to Pangasinan with my cousins. We MIGHT go to the Hundred Islands in the morning.

I can't believe summer classes will be THIS soon. Well at least I'm seeing Bub and my friends again. But I haven't gotten enough of...bumming. Ugh.

People have been texting me out of nowhere! But who really surprised me was Beau Canlas. I was lying in bed in the room we rented (which was really nice for the price we paid...)and he was like, "What it do baby?, this is not a mistext." It cracked me up big time. To think that I was sick at that time he texted...I fell asleep. Sorry Beau. :-(

I saw Camoi of Pinoy Stories there, she seems like a really cool girl. I texted Chucky and he told me to talk to her. I was too shy.

Oh well.
Finally the WiFi has been installed. Yay.

Freakin' Sandmite bites. I always get these when I head to the beach.
At least I got a tan. HAH!

Will upload pictures in Multiply soon as Multiply gets....fixed. Or something. Ayaw kase mag-upload eh. Laging error on page. Grr.

I'm so sleeeeepy.

Peeps, thanks for being my partner. Haha. Love you.

One Tree Hill has been playing in the DVD player over and over. I mean, I do love The O.C. (Oh, Seth Cohen! Oh, Baby! lol! Season 3 SUCKS big time, though. Yeah. Sadly.) But I think One Tree has more....substance. Plus it just keeps getting better and better.

I can't wait to get back to the beach.
But I guess sleep comes before that.