One sappy, confusing entry coming up!

"Love makes virgins of us all and gives us wings"
- Elvin Valerio

This wise man has shared so much to me and has taught me a lot without pushing too hard to stuff all the words in my head. He just does that. Its part of his magic. Its actually weird because its a side of Chucky I haven't seen before. And you know what, he's actuallyr right. He's right about a lot of things.

Love can do that though. It transforms us into something else. Something bigger. Something greater. Something better. Its just so ironic how it can bring us down. Tear us apart. Make us go crazy.

Sometimes I wish it was easier to forget all the bad things and just think about the good ones. I wish love did that too. I wish it could overcome all the shit.

But in reality, there are times when its not enough. Then all the other factors come to mind.
Okay maybe you're going to go all "No you're wrong" on me, but unless you haven't seen the bad side of it all, then you don't know what I'm talking about. Its hard to admit but even love has... a bad side.

I always thought Weddings were great. Weddings were easy. Weddings... are actually scary. Unless you're dead sure about a certain person... that's when... they become easier. That's when you know you're really ready to deal with all the scary stuff about that person...about your lives...about Love.

"Love is easy".

No. It's not. It never is. There is always something there to complicate things.
I believe that...the greatest love is...when people don't really understand what's going on except for the two people in love with each other.

In the movie Brokeback Mountain, Annis and Jack loved each other so much. And I know this should be a gender issue but actually its not. Love sees past through these things. And its amazing how two people can fight for that feeling. But that could only be possible if... you let love take over.

Let love take over everything. Every part, every vein, every bone, every cell of your body. And then...that's when things would get easy.

Do you actually get what I'm trying to say? Don't hold it back. Never hold it back. You're going to the wrong direction if you do.
Let them in. Let them in.

And then maybe...just maybe... Love could really show you the greatest things in life.
Just make sure they're doing the same thing too.

Don't be stupid enough to go on a one way street. Love can make you do that. Either you're aware of it or stupid enough to ignore it.
The manual doesn't include being a martyr to be happy.

This is sappy.
Jeez. I can't believe watching One Tree Hill over and over can do this to you.

HAHA!... but hey, I actually meant all of that.

It feels great to be in love just... don't be stupid.
I should start reading a lot of poetry starting tomorrow.
Hmm...Add that on my must-must list.

This is so sappy, I didn't even know if I made sense. But someone taught me how to stand by my words. And I am.

I'm so thankful to know a lot of people who has taught me a lot. Well yes, they can end up hurting you...but as that cliche goes... what doesn't kill only makes you stronger.

Life can suck..but it will go on, believe it or not. As much as we think the world will end for us.
God gives us a lot of people to lean on. And of course God himself will always be there. And of course...he's that one person we should let in...fully.

And...don't leave people behind.
Because once they let you in...

..they give it all.

So...some people hate drama. But does a lot of drama. (No, I'm not talking about YOU. LOL! I bet you don't even read my blog...Hmm. What have I been really up to?

Since my Aunt got home from Japan yesterday, bearing gifts and one of them for her son, my cousin Louie...a white PSP...which will eventually be MINE! HAH! Once my Dad sends me the black one, Louie and I are going to trade CAUSE... White's definitely MY color! Yes it is! Have you seen my closet? we went to Alabang. (wherelse would we go? LOL.)
We went to buy groceries, apply for the Smart WiFi connection, had dinner.

I bought a lotta food for that Galera trip. Okay, so you might say it's JUST Galera, which is El Cheapo (I quote Tata Mapa for that), but I can brag about it because I'm spending three days with my friends. And nothing beats being on the beach with my friends. Besides, do you know how crazy my friends are?

I love Summer. I really do. There goes the excuse to go out in board shorts and Flips, no make-up... its a perfect opportunity to pull of a Kirsten Dunst inspired ensemble. I love it when I'm all in my low-maintenance self. And getting a tan! OMG, nothing beats that! Are there any tanning rituals you wanna share though? I'd LOVE to get that rosy tan. HELP!

I'd love to go back to Boracay. I could actually live there. But I also wish I could go back to Palawan and find a way to sneak to Amanpulo (Heehee). I miss living in Palawan too. Life was so simple. Just like it was in Jeddah.

I remember when I'd watch the sunset from my window. I'd like in bed with really loud emo music blasting from the speakers, my room in its most orangy snuggling up, the airconditioning giving out this scent that I will never forget... I loved it. I'd love to go back to those days.

I sure do miss my parents. I miss sleeping on the phone with Choel on the other line. I miss sneaking to call Ja at midnight. I miss it when his computer hangs while we chat. I miss Ayah. I miss hanging out at their house which is actually considered as my second home. I miss all the arabic signs...People in black and white. People of different cultures...the malls, even.

There are a lot of things I miss...

Good thing though I still have my sisters here, Ayah and Maya. We were planning on hanging out on Monday. Its actually tradition that whenever we say hang-out, up in Makati...Glorietta, most of the time. Hang-out in Greenbelt. Get in the car, drive to her condo...or go someplace...and we watch TV, surf the net and talk about stuff until we all fall asleep. And the next day...there's a lot of good food. I LOVE THE STUFF TITA COOKS. I'm craving for it!

Gee, I talk too much.
I'm gonna end this gobbledygook.

But you know what? I'm glad that there's ONE person who really seems to be listening.
So thanks to YOU.

And to all of you, of course. Whether you hate me or whatever.
I love you guys for reading this.
Hang in there. I'll find something great to write. It will come.

Don't hold your breath though.