"Ah, siya yung may boyfriend na gwapo!"

Silly that people always say that about me. It's like the first time they see me or a photo of me they'd blurt that out. And I don't even know if its a good thing. For Andrew, it surely is.

They would even say that I don't deserve him, and that I was too ugly for him!
I have sources who actually really heard a few AB COMM students say that about me!

PLUS there's more to it than him being that. He's...Andrew. And I love him. But they probably shouldn't know everything about him. That's the advantage that I have, right?

Sometimes I wish he wasn't so hot.

No, wait.

I wish I was as hot as he is. I mean, AM.



P.S. If YOU'RE going to say something bad about me (because of this entry) I say you shove it up your hairy ass.
This is simply a figure of speech. And if you're a bonehead to not get that, then I should just let you go with your...bitching. Hah!


I will invade the world of Havaianas tomorrow. Let's drink to that.


  1. Ah ikaw ba yung may boyfriend na gwapo? Hindi yata ikaw yun eh... Hindi naman gwapo boyfriend mo eh... mas gwapo pa ko dun eh... hehehehe... joke... Kita-kits na lang sa Monday...

  2. We all know that isn't true. You guys are both hot, and you really look good together! :D

    Kudos to the power couple! ;)

  3. MARK - loko. Haha! :-D Uyyy! Kita kits sa Monday! weepee! haha.

    CHES - you are such a sweetheart. Thankful you think so! heehee! Mwaaah!

  4. Ofcourse you're HOT!