Stop being a man, will you?

Isn't it weird that sometimes we all hate it when men tend to become too... masculine?

I hate it when there's an overflow of testosterone going on.

Jeez, definitely. Sometimes I wish I had balls to shove my foot up their a**es or elsewhere. Just to shut them up, make them stay in one place and just whine - like us girls. LOL.

Well its better than acting like the Incredible Hulk or something, throwing everything everywhere, breaking things. And causing all that noise.
Did you know that I find my ears the most sensitive part of my body? Geesh.

What if I'm the one he throws? Haha.
Wait, that's not even funny.

I wish I could punch you too. So you'll see that you're not the only man in the room.
Okay I didn't mean that.

I wish Seth Cohen was real. Or Clark Kent.

Blah. I wish I knew better.


  1. Abolish gender roles and all stereotypes that follow! :D :D :D