Who's laughing now, byotch?

NHIE-DHES10@YAHOO.COM - This woman left her e-mail address when she was tagging me. Isn't that just STUPID?

She always named herself DEVIL and left me messages she believed would actually make me cry. Boohoo!

I thought I should've ignored it, but it's too good to pass up. It's a great opportunity to put her on the spotlight.

Now, I want you guys...as my friends... PLEASE look her up in Friendster, so she can get naman all the attention she wants. And TELL me... if she's hot enough to bite me! Then maybe I'll give her all the credit, telling me she deserves my man and I'm not hot or pretty, that I'm stupid and a whore, and screwed up.

Mind me for the language, but that's what she says I am. But don't get me wrong. I am NOT affected.

After looking at my culprit's face, I felt pity. Poor little thing. And I bet she sees me around school. She sure does look familiar.

Now that I know you, Lourdes. Maybe if you're serious enough with all this hullabaloo, maybe we can meet up. Leave me a message or something.

I want to meet you so you can finally tell me what the hell I've been doing wrong for you to try to mess with me.

Naks, ang tapang ko daw.

Well, all I'm waiting for is for you. If you're not a coward then you'd tell me everything you just said RIGHT TO MY FACE. I'd love to see you do it. As long as you'd prove to me what I've done wrong.

I hope you visit my blog soon.

If you're not devil, then... Explain how your email address appeared. Then I'll ask for an apology.