You're right, maybe not.

Okay so it could be a mistake. Maybe she's not the one.


It's not like it's a big deal. So I might have made a mistake. I thought about it too. It's not nice blaming someone just because there's an e-mail address left there.

So, I'd like to make a public apology to Lourdes. But that wouldn't stop me from thinking.

What the hell, what's there to think about anyway? :-)

PEOPLE.... let's not waste our time.
It would sure feel great to find out who DEVIL is but... what for?

This girl/guy/gay/lesbian doesn't even know who I really am. Yet she pretends to, and be all smug about it.
How can someone you don't know call you such things, when people who really know all the bad things about you don't say things like these?

WHY DO THEY DESERVE THE ATTENTION? Right? They don't. They don't even deserve my cussing. And I'm not supposed to cuss!

Jeez. People nowadays.

Okay, stop laughing Devil! I don't care who you are. LOL.

OLSHSHMULSCH! Its so boring! All I ever want to do is sleep, sleep, sleep. But there are lots of things to think of. But I'm too lazy. Which makes me feel bored. Its weird no? But I'm like that. Lazybone.

Lately I've been lying in bed watching Gian's LOVERS IN PARIS vcd's, or going through my In Style and Teen Vogue back issues over and over. I've been scooping out magazines the entire week, enough for me to say that my Magazine fever is back. I grabbed all March issues of Preview, Seventeen, Mega and Cosmopolitan faster than you can say "AJA!"

By the way, I must give snaps to Gian for making me accept at least one Koreanovela to like, which is L.I.P. Its hilarious, I loved it. All the songs playing in my head are now in Korean.

Last night, Bub and I spent some time with Basil, Kelvina, LJ, Allen and Kaygee. PLUS BrianMitch. I thought of putting their names together. They're so cute.
We watched Date Movie before heading to Brian's, Andrew and I thought it sucked. He keeps forcing me to watch V for Vendetta this week. But I have a shoot for MTV this Wednesday. Bub, you were supposed to be my partner! Grr.

"Remember, remember the 5th of November." Heehee!

I can't wait to watch HOSTEL though. Elvin, a.k.a. Chucky (Yes, Sir Valerio and I are close,too! LOL) told me its one of those gore fest flicks. Well, seeing Quentin Tarantino's name on the poster was convincing enough to think that it's going to be like Kill Bill with a touch of horror. As Chucky puts it.

So there. I have to finalize the thesis. And I have some spanking to do.
Yes Gian, I'm talking about you.